Erebos: House of Darkness

Erebos is a role-playing game based on White Wolf's very own 'Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition'. Set in the modern nights era, in our very own fictional New Babylon situated in the heart of the Napa Valley, players may craft their characters and journey through
the World of Darkness as they see fit, and over the Internet rather than seated around a table.

Register today to join us and craft a character that will grow, and journey through New Babylon
(or around the world if that is your desire.) As you prosper in this adventure, we hope you enjoy
your stay at Erebos and become a vibrant part of our friendly community!

The Red Wolf Inn

Description & guidelines for the enigmatic Elysium of the vile Maledictus.



The Red Wolf is a stylish and elegant members' nightclub in the heart of St. Francis' Village.

The club exudes opulence and glamour, with a 21st century twist.
It is furnished in rich reds and golds and is complemented by stately works of art and grand chandeliers.
This stunning new club has just been awarded the title of Best New Club at the Babylon City Bar & Club Awards 2013.

Red Wolf's plush sofas and private tables offer the finest premium spirits and luxury Champagnes in town.
Its host of international DJs attracts an elite crowd of discerning club-goers and this elegant space is transformed
nightly into the playground of New Babylon’s wealthy, influential party crowd.


Non-Linear. Storyteller not required unless combat ensues.
Uses of Blood Points [BP] must be updated in your signature as appropriate.
~ Liquid Time Setting ~

Non-Erebos Elysium: Maledictus
Club Owner(s): Maledictus

No minors.
No weapons.
No violence.
No disciplines.

The Red Wolf was built with comfort and luxury in mind.
The directors wanted to bring back class and elegance to New Babylon's late night scene.
As guests descend the private staircase leading into the Red Wolf they are immersed in a decadence,
transporting them away from day to day life.
The opulent furnishings are in abundance in rich reds and golds,
complemented by stately art works, and adorned with grand chandeliers.
The Red Wolf boasts a selection of innovative cocktails within a unique and luxurious setting.
It is the ultimate haunt of decadence and style, aimed at the most discerning crowd.


Derek Buras
Stewart Hodgins
Neil Dubois

Chad Wilkinson
Paul Fortier
Matt Johnson

Derek Smith (Executive Chef)
Nicholas Benoit (Sous Chef)
Claire Lavigne(Line Chef)

Jeanne Martin [f]
Charlotte Bernard [f]
Diane Broussard [f]
Julie Martin [f]
Lucie Stirling [f]
Nicole Tilly [f]
Simone Watts [f]
Caroline Wiltz [f]
Susanne Romero [f]

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    Sep 18, 2018
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