Erebos: House of Darkness

Erebos is a role-playing game based on White Wolf's very own 'Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition'. Set in the modern nights era, in our very own fictional New Babylon situated in the heart of the Napa Valley, players may craft their characters and journey through
the World of Darkness as they see fit, and over the Internet rather than seated around a table.

Register today to join us and craft a character that will grow, and journey through New Babylon
(or around the world if that is your desire.) As you prosper in this adventure, we hope you enjoy
your stay at Erebos and become a vibrant part of our friendly community!

The Crypt

The opulent underbelly of the Red Wolf beckons those with unorthodox tastes and deep pocketbooks...



At the base of an elegant marble staircase, The Crypt of the Red Wolf Inn has bragging rights
to one of Babylon City’s most high-spec nightclub spaces.
The room is a plush amalgam of opulent furnishings, with a design scheme replete with grand chandeliers and striking
Romantic artwork – an almost tongue-in-cheek touch drawing inspiration from the height of Parisian indulgence.
The color palette is all regal reds and golds, however the DJ booth reigns supreme,
it plays host to some of the biggest international names in house and nu-disco.

The drinks menu pays homage to New Orlean's (French Quarter's) Bourbon Street address
with fifty-six different cocktails, and there are four types of sharing punches for those who prefer larger libations.
Food includes victuals which would sate the appetite of Louis IV. Creole Pralines,
Oysters Rockefeller and Crawfish Etouffee figure heavily in this decadent establishment's fine menu.
As the drinks flow and the evening unfolds, the Crypt’s relaxed cocktail lounge ambiance transforms,
DJs will be spinning bigger tunes, and the dance floor becomes infinitely more charged, energetic and busy.

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    Sep 18, 2018
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