Erebos: House of Darkness

Erebos is a role-playing game based on White Wolf's very own 'Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary Edition'. Set in the modern nights era, in our very own fictional New Babylon situated in the heart of the Napa Valley, players may craft their characters and journey through
the World of Darkness as they see fit, and over the Internet rather than seated around a table.

Register today to join us and craft a character that will grow, and journey through New Babylon
(or around the world if that is your desire.) As you prosper in this adventure, we hope you enjoy
your stay at Erebos and become a vibrant part of our friendly community!


  1. Divia LaCroix


    UNDER CONSTRUCTION CHARACTER NAME(S): ~Real name~ Brandoff ~Public name~ Brand ~Mortal name~ Character Age: Actual:Aprox. 900, born during 11th Century Generally Thought: Around 100 (His actual age isn't generally known. See History) Looks: 34 Height: 5'10" Gender: Male Build: Average...
  2. Lilith

    Brand's Application

    General Inquiries - Handler Name/Alias: Brand - Contact Info: - How old are you? 48 - What interests you that you want to apply to Erebos? Was asked to join by a member and have played VtM before, table top, LARP, and PbP. - How did you find out about us? Refered by Ursa...