Difficulty: Very Easy; Resistible
Time to Use: None (burst)
Focus: None

ALTER activation roll resisted via STRENGTH or ALTER. Target(s) pushed back a number of meters equal to the activation roll minus the resistance roll. Target gains a bonus to their resistance roll equal to their distance away from the user. Target(s) take damage equal to half of the pushed distance.

Area: 90 degree burst that expands from the user like a broad cone.

A Jedi reaches through the Force and tries to manipulate the world around her the easiest* and most fundamental way she knows how: moving things around! By activating this effect, the Jedi attempts to fling out a massive burst of telekinetic energy. The Jedi has no control over the burst after it has been created. However, she may attempt to shape the blast as it is created. Normally, the blunt wave is simply a conically expanding wave out from the wielders hand (or possibly body). However, with a Difficult CONTROL roll, she can attempt to shape the blast into a more moderated form, such as a horizontal shock wave or a vertical column that propagates away from the wielder. More often then not, practiced force wielders will resort to more refined powers then attempting to finagle ALTER into working properly.

Any creatures caught within the burst must make an opposed STRENGTH roll or be blown back by burst. If the creature fails, it is moved a distance equal to the difference between the STRENGTH check and the Jedi's ALTER roll in meters, as well as suffering physical damage equal to half of the distance tossed. (Armor applies.)

Force sensitive characters may roll ALTER to reflexively counter-burst the incoming telekinetic wave. Doing so counts as though the user had made a STRENGTH check.

Objects caught within a burst should roll their BODY STRENGTH to determine whether or not they take damage as well. Objects that CANNOT be shoved back (such as a wall or door) take the full difference (Activation - Resistance) in damage, not half. Barricades or doors must be reduced to "heavily damaged" before budging from this power.

*Note: Some players may choose to have their characters "deficient" in TK abilities, this comment was by no means attempting to force people to RP their Jedi one way or another.

Rank Required: Initiate
See Also: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Telekinesis
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