Attributes & Skills

Attributes & Skills

Attributes represent a character’s basic aptitudes—his or her inherent levels of ability in various areas, from physical strength to logical reasoning. Your game master (GM) will provide you with either a character template (a partially created character that you can customize to use as your own) or a list of rules that will be used for this game world (so you can create a character from scratch) using Attributes and Skills available to you at that time. Star Wars Odyssey's modified (hybrid) D6 system utilizes 6 main attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Perception, Knowledge, Mechanical and Technical. Each of these attributes features a unique set of related skills and specializations which a character may aspire to learn in the course of his or her lifetime - as befitting his or her background, needs, wants and beliefs.

Using attributes and skills is very easy if you can remember one simple concept - a "Star Wars Rule of Thumb," so to speak.

When you want your character to do something, the game master (GM) picks a difficulty number. If you roll equal to or higher than the difficulty number, your character has succeeded at whatever he or she was attempting to do.

Now you know the one of the most important rules you need to understand, to play in the SWO universe.

Time Taken: This is generally how long it takes to do something with the skill. Many skills (especially combat skills) can be used in one round. More complex skills, like computer programming/repair, may take a round ... or minutes, hours or even days to do something. These are general guidelines; the game master can always customize the time taken depending upon the situation.

Specializations: Characters may choose a specialization for a skill. The kinds of specializations are explained, and several examples are provided in italics. The skill description tells you what the skill covers and gives a few sample difficulties and modifiers.
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