Time to Use: 1 action, comes into effect on the target's next turn.
Focus: 1 (Maintained)
Difficulty: See Below

When the power is raised, the users result is divided by five, rounded down. The users targets takes a penalty of that many D to any roll they would make that could be considered an attack, malevolent, or would otherwise cause harm even indirectly (as long as the target knows it would cause harm, its penalized.) The Target does however gain the same amount in Willpower against fear.

While under the effects, aggressive, uneasy, or anxious feelings are often reduced. However, over-use of this power can have deleterious effects on the target. If this penalty matches the target's unmodified Willpower dice, then they become dizzy, woozy, and disoriented.

Additionally, the user of this power receives half of this D penalty as a bonus toward a Persuasion/Command rolls in an attempt to reach a peaceful solution.


The Jedi may choose to target an area surrounding their body, if they so choose. Anyone within the affected area is then considered a Target, and accepts all penalties and bonuses as such.


Targets resist with Willpower or CONTROL. Regardless of the result, Targets are aware of the power's effects on them, but they do NOT gain bonuses (nor the user gain penalties) for such knowledge under any circumstances. Additionally, this power may be resisted by the target with Force of Will, or with Aura of Uneasiness*. Either of these powers must be maintained with applicable Focus, for the duration they are being targeted by this power, to negate it's effects.

NOTE: If the user, or an ally of the user, makes any move the target would consider to have an intent to harm him, steal their personal property, or any similarly detrimental negative action after Aura of Peace has been raised, the power is automatically dropped on that target.

Note: This power may be raised multiple times, but each additional power must be rolled individually, and requires additional focus as normal.

Rank Required: Padawan
See Also: Telepathy
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