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Two characters with the Back-to-Back Advanced Skill may choose to act as a single body in combat; this confers a multitude of bonuses that are intangible to the pair, along with increasing their prowess in combat and non-combat situations. In essence they evade, attack, and take damage as one body. A character may choose another character with Back-to-Back to be their "partner" at the beginning of any sim. The band may be broken at any time, but may not be remade until the sim is over. It is maintained even if one of the two is knocked unconscious, though if both are, the bond is broken. Upon learning this skill, the character may choose their first `specialized` partner for free. Additional `specialized` characters must be learned normally. Two characters with Back-to-Back gain the following abilities while "banded":

Combined Actions: When two characters with Back-to-back are acting as one unit, they take their actions at the same time, and may employ any additional attacks from Flurry, Rapid Shot, Force Speed, etc. as one unit.

Damage Selection: When two characters with Back-to-Back are acting as one unit, both must roll an evasion/deflection roll against any incoming attack. If either fails, the unit takes damage. However, either character may choose to take the hit after it has been scored without the usual addition of 1D damage. If the two characters are specialized with each other, they may split the actual damage between themselves, instead of choosing where the full hit goes.

Four Eyes: When two characters with Back-to-Back are acting as one unit, treat the unit as if it had the Advanced skill Prescient Reflexes. If one character has Prescient Reflexes, the pair may react at -1D. If the pair are specialized to each other and one has Prescient Reflexes, the pair may react with no penalty.

Righteous Fury: By channeling the combined energies of two injured fighters into their strikes, a pair of fighters may better defeat what might otherwise be insurmountable challenges. When both fighters HPs are below 50%, they may take an additional attack at their highest D every round. To use this ability, the two fighters must be specialized to each other.

Skill Type: ADVANCED
Prerequisites: ADV: GUARD, DEXTERITY 5D
Time Taken: --
Specializations: A specific player character (PC).
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