Time to Use: Instant; May be used up to 3 times per round, bypassing the normal 2 attacks per round; May be rolled as a reaction to incoming high-speed projectiles
Focus: 1 (for duration of attack or defense)
Difficulty: Easy

Note: Aggressive use of this power against a living being normally warrants a Dark Side Point.

Using an advanced form of telekinesis, the Jedi may fire projectiles of 1kg or less at opponents, dealing 4D damage if they hit. This functions as an attack roll with a range of 100m, targets should dodge as normal.

Knight level users can utilize this power at a Moderate difficulty to fling melee weapons at amazing speed, dealing damage with Ballistakinesis' 4D instead of Strength.

This power may be rolled as a blanket reaction roll to attacks consisting of high-speed projectiles. If the Ballistakinesis roll beats the attack roll, the projectiles are deflected away as the user desires, though may not be deflected by more than 90 degrees from their original flight path.

If the Ballistakinesis roll beats the HIGHEST attack roll by more than 10, the Jedi may choose to stop all the incoming projectiles in mid-air, holding them there until the power is dropped.

If any of the attacks beat the Ballistakinesis roll, they continue on toward their target as normal. The user may react in any other way as normal, but at a -2D penalty.

Rank Required: Knight
See Also: Force Throw
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