Requires: Dim Another's Senses
Difficulty: Varies. Targets: 1-10 Very Easy, 11-100, Easy, 101-500 Moderate, 501-5000 Difficult, 5001-50000 Very Difficult, 50000-500000 Heroic; +2 difficulty levels (or +5 for each level if above heroic) for each 1D shift beyond the first.
Time to Use: N/A
Focus: All (maintained)

Note: This power May only be activated after the first round of combat.

Upon activation, the Jedi chooses what method of Battle Meditation they wish to use, then rolls the power. This is a mind-based force power.

Method 1. "Confusion"
This causes the user's enemies to become confused, seeing each other as enemies, causing them to turn and attack one another instead. They may use Willpower, Perception, or Control to resist.

Method 2. "Turn the Tide"
This causes the user to steal away 1D from an attribute of choice of their enemies, and grant the same amount as a bonus to an attribute of choice of their allies. The amount of attribute dice stolen/granted may be increased for every 2 difficulty levels (or for every +5 DC if over heroic) over the base DC the user rolls.

Rank Required: Master
See Also: Force Meld
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