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Though some may call them "Beast Masters", they do not consider themselves such. They attain a bond to an animal as close as any person to a friend. Beastmasters can communicate and tame creatures with impressive skill and are often seen working side by side with their animal companions, whether it be hunting, tracking, or engaging in combat (or self-defense). Only one animal may be bonded per player, at ANY GIVEN TIME.

TAMING: First thing is first - you must find and tame the animal before you can obtain any control over it and eventually form a solid, lasting bond. To do this, you roll your Beastmaster skill in the presence of a potential animal companion:

Submissive: Moderate DC to tame; gains ADV: Prescient Reflexes upon successful BH check
Indifferent: Difficult DC to tame; gains ADV: Enhanced Awareness upon successful BH check
Aggressive: Very Difficult DC to tame; gains ADV: Tracking upon successful BH check
Feral: Heroic DC to tame; gains ADV: Flurry upon successful BH check

Anyone possessing the Beast Languages Force power at 5D can knock down the difficulty by 5.

Once the animal has been tamed, the Beastmaster can work on bonding closer with it - an aspect which can be done only during upgrade sessions. Every animal companion starts out with the base loyalty of "Wild".

The player rolls their Beastmaster skill vs. the animal companion`s Willpower skill. The Beastmaster skill roll is modified by the Loyalty modifier you are upgrading TO. This means that it gets progressively more difficult to upgrade to higher loyalty levels. (For Loyalty Modifiers, look at the LOYALTY listing, below.)

Every time during the course of the sim that a player rolls a random complication, the animal companion has an opportunity to run away (call it a wild streak, base instinct - whatever). At such time that this happens, the player rolls his Beastmaster skill. The player`s roll must beat that of the Animal`s AGGRO + Loyalty Modifier, to maintain his bond with the animal companion. Loyalty Modifiers are as follows:

Wild (+10)
Rebellious (+5)
Trained (0)
Obedient (-5)
Loyal (-10) Animal Companion gains ADV: Guard (player) upon a successful upgrade.
Devoted (-15) Animal Companion gains ADV: Back to Back (player) upon a successful upgrade.

Establishing HP and INIT:
Upon successful taming of an animal companion, the player rolls their STR and PERC, respectively - to obtain HP and INIT totals.

Attributes & Skills:
Each animal companion starts out with 20D in Attribute Dice and 7D in Skill dice. These are allocated by the SGM or HGM based on the species the player has tamed. Attributes are static and once set, may not be upgraded. Skills, however, may be upgraded by the player - but as the animal companion does not earn CP - the player will have to make the choice to allocate a portion of their CP to the "care and maintenance" of their pet (if they so choose). The skill themselves (as in, the types of abilities your pet gets), are also static and may vary only in the degree of proficiency (DIE codes) they are assigned/upgraded to.

Below is a listing of the skills an animal companion will possess - along with MIN/MAX attribute settings. You may upgrade the skills at will - it`s your CP. =P

DEX: (2D/8D)
  • Acrobatics
  • Dodge
  • Running
  • Melee Combat
STR: (3D/7D)
  • Brawling
  • Cimbing/Jumping
  • Digging
  • Lifting
  • Swimming
  • Stamina
PERC: (4D/8D)
  • Hide
  • Search
  • Sneak
KNOW: (2D/6D)
  • Intimidation
  • Survival
  • Willpower

NOTE: Certain Advanced Skills can become a part of animal companion`s "skill repertoire" - either based on the creature`s disposition (see AGGRO table, above), or its LOYALTY rating.

Releasing an Animal Companion:

It is possible (however unlikely), that despite a close bond with your "pet", you may wish to get a different animal companion at some point in time - in which case you will have to SUCCESSFULLY release the animal back into the wild. To do this, a player would roll the Beastmaster skill, then apply the Loyalty modifier at the animal companion`s current level. If you roll higher vs. your animal companion`s Willpower, they are effectively "reintroduced back to the wild". If you roll below your animal companion`s Willpower - they stay with you until the next upgrade. Releasing a pet may only take place during upgrade sims.

  • Strike As One: Once per combat encounter, a Beast Master or his pet may make an Attack of One. For one full found attack, the Master or Companion may add its partners weapon damage and base attack bonus to its own. (DC Moderate)
  • Run As One: Upon a successful DC check, you may choose to roll either the character`s or the beast`s running skill - whichever is higher. Both you and your animal companion will move at that speed, as long as as you are within 5 meters of each other. (DC Difficult)
  • Heal As One: Roll your Beastmaster skill in place of First Aid. The total HP gain is then split evenly between you and your animal companion. Odd results round up in favor of the player. All restrictions that normally apply to First Aid, still apply. This is a full round action. (DC Moderate)

Skill Type: ADVANCED
Prerequisites: Dexterity 5D, Strength 4D, Beast Handling 6D, Beast Riding 7D
Time Taken: 1 round or longer
Specializations: --
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