Time to Use: N/A
Focus: 1 (maintained)
Difficulty: Moderate

Note: Any character who uses this power will suffer a dark side point if their Morality is above -25.

Upon activation, the user creates a physical manifestation of the Force, forming a radiant sphere of pure hatred in their hand. This can be held for so long as the user maintains the power.

The ball of energy can then attack their target with a Thrown Weapons roll, adding a +2D bonus to the roll. If the target is hit, the ball of energy does damage matching the user's raw Alter.

Alternate Method "Bolt of Force"
* This method is restricted to Jedi with a Morality of +50 or greater.
** This method does NOT give Dark Side points.

An alternate form of Bolt of Hatred that does not induce pain or permanent damage in the target. Instead the electrical energy interferes with the target's nervous system and muscle control, acting as a blast of STUN damage instead. It must be performed while at peace and requires precision and control to obtain a non-lethal effect.

When targeting a being with Bolt of Force, the Jedi must declare this alternate method before rolling. After rolling Bolt of Hatred, the Jedi then makes a CONTROL roll to convert the damage to STUN. The Difficulty of the Control roll is the result of the Bolt of Hatred roll. If the CONTROL roll succeeds, all damage is converted to STUN. If the CONTROL roll fails, ALL damage remains Kill damage, and Dark Side Points are applied normally.

Rank Required: Padawan
See Also: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Force Lightning*(*)
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