Full Name: Callista Elora T'Jarell
Character Species: Hapan
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Height: 1.62 m
Weight: 43 kg
Character Move: 10/13
Personal Quote: "Persuasion is better than force."
Health Points: 50
Initiative: 26
Morality: +100 (114)
Renown: 4 [Trait Included]
Spent FP: 5

Character Points: 25
Learning: Scholar: Ancient Civilizations
Teacher: Academic Focus
Sims Left: 2

Character Credits: 47 383 (11 700 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force Path: Jedi
Force Rank: Knight
Master (if applicable): Davin Kabak (former)
Character FP: 11
Development Points: 101
Midichlorian Count: 13 470

Character Bio:
  • Born on Hapes to a noble family
  • Has a twin sister, Rhiannon
  • Cousin to Corvus Arca Dalen
  • Former CorSec Operative
  • Attended the Imperial Navy Command Officers School on Carida
  • Worked for the Corellian Diktat
  • Close friend, confidante and former love interest of Davin Kabak
  • Honor-sister to Gand Findsman, Q'Zayn


Follower of the original Jedi Code:


Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Does not like conflict, and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoys the present moment.

Serene, soft-spoken and gentle are perhaps the three words that best define her; never quick to anger or judge a situation merely by its appearance alone. Often hesitant and appearing shy, Callista is the quintessential cryptic enigma. The saying "still waters run deep" more than becomes this deceptively passive Hapan female - it defines her.
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    Hammer Station - VM (Ethan, Corvus) Maelstrom Prison - VM (Corvus, Phoenix)
  2. GM Bounties

    Rewards: 14 CP - Purchased Upgrades 4 PCs
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    CADEMIMU - VM Rewards: 2 CP, 2 Learning
  5. Purchased Upgrades - Mar. 2021

    Armor Repair to 5D (3 CP) Medicine to 4D+2 (4 CP) TOTAL SPENT: 7 CP (deducted)

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A rarely seen but greatly appreciated character
Peace is the answer to all. -Callie