Time to Use: N/A (Free action; See Absorb/Dissipate Energy)
Focus: 1
Difficulty: Easy

Note: This skill may only be performed after a successful Absorb/Dissipate Energy roll to absorb energy.

After a successful Absorb roll with the Absorb/Dissipate energy power, a skilled Jedi can transmutate the energy into Force energy much more efficiently by rolling this power instea of raw CONTROL.

Channel Energy may be used as a free action to convert absorbed energy into Force energy, but the consequences of failure are much greater, as the Jedi is releasing the energy stored in their body, to complete the conversion. Energy that is not converted literally burns out the Jedi, from the inside out.

Upon activation, Absorb/Dissipate Energy drops, and this power is then Rolled against a DC equal to Easy + the damage absorbed. If successful, the the Jedi's very next action MUST be to use a Force Power, and gains the absorbed damage in Pips (1:1 ratio) to that power's roll.

If the activation roll for Channel Energy fails the DC, the Jedi takes DOUBLE the absorbed energy in damage, AND they take a -1D penalty to ALL Force Powers for a # of rounds equal to the absorbed energy divided by 5 (rounded down).

Rank Required: Master
See Also: Deflect Force Lightning
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