Cognitive Trance

[ADV] Cognitive Trance

Prerequisites: All Attributes 4D or Higher
Time Taken: - (Skill Roll/5) Rounds
Specializations: Any skill

A character learns how to focus the mind to a specific task, enabling him to attempt a given task or set of related tasks with a higher chance of success.

In game terms, this skill may be rolled when a character has the time to sit down and intensely focus on any one given task. They receive their Roll/5 (rounded down) in additional Pips to a skill, up to their raw attribute D that deals with that skill. For instance, if a character has a TECHNICAL at 4D, they may add up to 4 pips to a Security check with a DC 20 Cognitive Trance roll. Any skill the character knows may be 'focused' with the exception of ALL Force abilities, and the final stage of ADV. Lightsaber Repair; which is handled by CONTROL.

The time taken to utilize Cognitive Trance must be taken ahead of, and in addition to, the duration of the skill that is being focused on. After rolling, the bonus is accumulated at a rate of 1 pip per Round. While accumulating the bonus from Cognitive Trance, your move is reduced to 0, and you take a -5D penalty to all other rolls. Once the full bonus is achieved, the character may not perform any other skill rolls or actions, but may maintain the trance for as long as desired. Cognitive Trance may be dropped at any time, but the skill being focused on immediately fails.

NOTE: Force adepts with Control Attribute above 3D may NOT take this skill.
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