Time to Use: Free Action
Focus: 1 (Maintained)
Difficulty: Difficult (+10 for each target beyond the first)

Jedi is moved to the top of the initiative for any round during which Combat Sense is active. He receives +2D to his attack and defense rolls against a specific target, but -2D to everyone else.

Activation of this power does not induce any Multi-Action or any other penalties.

While Combat sense is up, the Jedi gains the following abilities:
  • May decide when they wish to act during a round, regardless of Initiative. If more than one Jedi has this power up, actions are chosen in order from the highest activation roll, to the lowest.
  • The Force User's attack and defense skills such as Lightsaber, Melee Combat, Blaster, Dodge, Acrobatics, etc., are increased by +2D when interacting with the specified targets.
  • All aiming penalties against specified targets are reduced by 1D (to a minimum of 0D).
  • Jedi suffers -2D to any rolls not relating to the target of this Force Power, on top of any other natural penalties.
  • Increase all Defensive reaction rolls against the targeted opponent(s) by an additional number of Pips equal to the activation roll / 5 (for Knight) or activation roll / 3 (for Master).

Rank Required: Knight
See Also: Enhance Combat
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