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Con is used to trick and deceive characters or otherwise convince them to do something that isn't in their best interest. Con is another interaction skill, so you'll often want to use role-playing to resolve these situations.

Very Easy
A close friend or relative who has no reason to suspect a con.​

Naive teenager, gullible person.

A stormtrooper when the con doesn't personally involve him.

A customs or law enforcement officer; stormtrooper when con will involve possible danger.

Very Difficult
Someone who should know better. Jabba the Hutt, an Imperial general.

Someone who really knows better. A Jedi Knight, Emperor Palpatine.​


+10 or more to victim roll
Con will cause victim to do something illegal or highly dangerous.

+5 or more to victim roll
Person knows the character is prone to pulling cons and has their guard up.

No Modifier
Con will convince victim to do something they might not normally do.

+5 or more to conning character roll
Victim generally likes character, but suspects something because of character's unusual behavior.

+10 or more to conning character roll
Victim has no reason to suspect dishonesty, and trusts and likes that character.​

Characters can actively resist a con attempt by rolling their con or Perception dice against the opponent's con total. In that case, the con difficulty number is ignored, but the modifiers are not. Cons can only be resisted by characters who suspect one - the gamemaster should never say, "Would you like to try to roll against a con attempt?"

Some characters will be better off not resisting and just let the conning character roll against the difficulty number. If a character with a Perception of 2D "calls" a con - rolls against it - and the difficulty would have normally been Heroic, it's now whatever the Perception roll is ... sometimes people outsmart themselves and fall for something even when they know better.

Skill Type: REGULAR
Prerequisites: --
Time Taken: One combat round to several minutes, depending upon how long it takes the character to say what is needed to pull off the con.
Specializations: Disguise, fast-talk.
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