Time to Use: Varies by disease (GM discretion); 1 hour Focus: All (during meditation session)

Difficulty: Easy - mild infection, such as a cold; Moderate - modest infection or illness, such as a high fever or severe flu; Difficult - severe illness, such as gangrene or a hive virus; Very Difficult - life threatening disease; Heroic - massive, long-standing disease; Heroic+5 - rapid acting life-threatening disease.

Focus: All for Cure, 1 for Maintenance (trance for 1 hour or more)

Effect: Allows the Jedi to combat the effects of diseases and maladies from common colds to cancer through intense meditation.

The Jedi enters a meditative trance, attempting to use the Force to purge a disease or contagion from the body. If the Difficulty is met, the disease is cured. If the result is one level less than the Difficulty for the disease, it is held at bay for up to twenty four hours.

If the disease is life-threatening or long-standing, the Jedi must make repeated skill attempts over the course of several weeks or months to cure the disease entirely. This power prevents the progress of any disease in the target's system as long as the sessions are continued regularly.

Each session must meeting the disease's difficulty level minus one, each time. The Jedi must remain in constant physical contact with the target for the duration of the meditative session. If a session is missed or does not meet the minimum difficulty, the disease continues.

Rank Required: Knight
See Also: Detoxify Poison
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