Time to Use: N/A
Focus: 1 (Maintained)
Difficulty: For a willing target, Moderate; For an unwilling target, Difficult; (For users with alignment scores less then -50 Very Easy and Easy, respectively); Opposed by CONTROL or Willpower.

Using an extended form of Affect Mind, the use of Control Mind allows a Jedi to take control of another person, turning him or her into a puppet who must obey the Jedi's will. Characters receive a chance to roll Willpower to resist, failure results in the shattering of their will which is bent to serve the user of this power.

When used successfully, a Jedi can control the actions of others, making them serve his will like automatons. The power may be kept up to allow the user to maintain control of his targets mind--The Jedi must make a new roll if a new target is to be added.

This ability is extremely powerful, but it is not without its flaws. Should the wielder of Control Mind attempt to force his puppet to perform an action that is COMPLETELY against that puppet's character, his target receives a new Willpower or CONTROL attempt to shake off the effects of control mind.

As long as the action is being forced on the target, they are allowed to roll again. GMs may rule that extremely well done role playing by allies attempting to break the Control Mind effect may also allow for another resistance roll. However, this process is strenuous, and continued failures erodes the target's will.

Each time the target fails, they incur a -1D penalty to all subsequent resistance checks against the control mind wielder until the situation is resolved.

Characters versed in the ways of the Force (with Force skills) can actively resist by rolling CONTROL or Willpower. If the Jedi attempts to control more then one such Force-sensitive character at the same time, all characters resisting the Jedi get a +1 bonus to their CONTROL or Willpower check for each extra force sensitive beyond the first.

The Jedi must make a new power roll whenever he or she attempts to take over a new target. Targets may be released without a roll, and may be released selectively from a group under Control Mind.

This power cannot be used to control droids or computers.

This power is so inherently corrupt that its difficulties are substantially reduced for those who have given themselves over to the dark side.


Rank Required: Knight
See Also: Affect Mind, Memory Wipe*
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