Difficulty: Easy if the Jedi is relaxed and at peace, Moderate during stressful situations, Difficult during combat
Time to Use: N/A ; 1+ Hours for Method 3
Focus: All


Method 1: Concentration

Upon successful activation, the Jedi begins intensely focusing on the Force to boost a single use of a Force skill that they already know, or are actively learning. Using concentration always requires using the Jedi's entire Focus pool. Any other active Force powers will immediately drop, and the Jedi becomes oblivious to the world around them and may perform no other tasks, not even dodging, while performing Concentration.

If the Jedi is in some way interrupted, or they have been in Concentration for a number of rounds equal to the CONTROL roll result/5, Concentration ends and the Jedi then uses a Force skill as their next immediate action, gaining +1D to that single Force Power roll for each round spent in Concentration. The Jedi may opt not to carry out using a Force skill, but they will lose all Concentration bonuses if they do this.

If Concentration is used to boost a Force skill that can be 'kept up' or maintained from round to round, then the boosted power may only be maintained for as long as no other powers or skills are used on a target that falls outside the Focus target of that power. This can be described as staying within a 'flow state' due to their concentration, but as soon as they are broken out of that state to do something unrelated, all the benefits of Concentration, and the power it was used on, disappear.

(Example: If a character uses Concentration to boost their Precognition, the boosted Precognition may be kept up, but if they perform any other skill or power that falls outside of Precognition's target (attack, defense, or piloting), then Precognition would immediately end, and would need to be re-rolled later.)

Method 2: Suppression

Additionally, Control may be used to mask the presence of a Jedi wishing to remain undetected. Jedi attempting to suppress their presence in the force may make a base Control roll. Any attempts to locate or detect the Jedi through the force must beat this Control roll. Force powers that go beyond the body, such as Telekinesis, can still be detected as normal. However, restricting their presence in this manner has a cost: any time the Jedi attempts to access the force, he too must beat this roll. If a power is maintained other then this suppression, opposed users only have to beat 5 less then the Control result to detect the Jedi for each power maintained in this manner.

Method 3: Meditation

By focusing inward on their own mind and body, a Jedi can enter a state of deep meditation. In this state, the Jedi draws upon the Force to rejuvenate their mind and cells, repair microscopic defects that form from biological processes, alter how the basic systems of the body operate, as well as gain a sense of their place in the universe.

Major changes to how the body works are not possible, however the Jedi can do things like optimizing their body chemistry, repair damage caused by aging or scarring, or slowly re-adjust body functions (metabolism, etc) to desired criteria (within reason, GM discretion) Jedi who do this throughout their lifetime tend to experience a much slower aging process, live much longer than others of their species, and remain physically and mentally fit well into venerable old age.

In game terms, 1 hour of meditation is roughly equivalent of 3 hours of sleep. Characters that devote themselves to regular meditation sessions (at least 3 times per week) lasting at least 4 hours or more can make alterations to the basic systems and processes of their body. The HGM will decide how long a specific alteration will take.

Rank Required: Initiate
See Also: Accelerate Healing, Enhance Attribute
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