Time to Use: 1 round
Focus: 0 (Passive)
Difficulty: See Below

At the beginning of a sim, the Jedi rolls Danger Sense. This acts as the "Base" level costs no focus to maintain. If the Jedi wishes to increase the Danger Sense result, they may spend a Focus and re-roll Danger Sense. This new roll then supersedes the base roll, regardless of the result, until dropped. This can only be attempted once per round.

This power acts to alert the Jedi to various types of danger. The result of the activation roll dictates how early the Jedi is alerted to potential or future danger.

  • DC 5: A visible threat that the user has been interacting with is about to go off. IE: A stormtrooper 5m away with a gun pointed at the user is about to fire.
  • DC 10: A threat that is just outside the users vision that poses an intentionally lethal threat. IE: A stormtrooper moving into a flanking position and opening fire.
  • DC 15: A concealed trap in the floor/wall of a corridor is about to trigger. IE: The user is about to walk in front of a series of blaster ports in a wall.
  • DC 20: A threat that is a decent distance away, or requires the user to continue on his course of action for a few minutes before it triggers. IE: A stormtrooper that is aware of the user approaching, and is planning to ambush the user at a corridor.
  • DC 31: A threat that is a great time away from the user, up to an hour. IE: Sensing danger surrounding a diplomatic meeting you are about to attend.
  • DC +5: The threat is not DIRECTLY lethal, but could place the user in a potentially lethal situation relatively soon. (A gravity trap pins you down as foes are approaching to shoot you)
  • DC +10: The threat is not DIRECTLY lethal, but could place the user in a potentially lethal situation. (Your action is about to set off an alarm that will set the base on alert.)
  • DC opposed: Attacker's Control or Willpower roll prior to making a surprise attack against the danger sense user. If the user only fails by 10, they are still alerted to general danger against their person.

While Danger Sense is active, anyone that wishes to make a surprise attack on a Jedi using this power must make a Control or Willpower roll. If this roll meets or exceeds the Jedi's activation roll, then the Jedi takes the appropriate surprise penalties. If not, the Jedi is fully aware of the attack, and may react as normal.

A Jedi may extend their ability to sense dangers to their allies, in order to detect if their allies are also in danger. However, doing so does reduce the precision with which the Jedi perceives danger to themselves and everyone else affected.


Rank Required: Padawan
See Also: Precognition, Sense Trap
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