Character Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 75 kg
Character Move: 10/13
Personal Quote: "Justice may be impartial, but righteousness is deeply personal."

Character Health Points: 50 (45)
Character Initiative: 23
Morality: -65
Renown: 3
Spent FP: 9
Appearance: See Below

Character Points: 13
Learning: ADV. Form X: “The Way of the Noghri”
Teacher: Self
Sims Left: 15

Character Credits: 39,175
Force Sensitive? Yes
Force Path: Sith
Character Force Rank: Lord
Master: Nereus Vorn
Character FP: 7
Development Points: 235
Midichlorian Count: 13 975

Character Bio:
Born to slaves on Tatooine over three thousand years ago, Rayhu Bahor was forced to fight in the slave pits at an early age after his father died in a slave revolt and his mother having died giving birth to the boy. At the age of ten, he was identified by the Jedi and rescued. He fell in love with his first Master Jaid Erelyn and watched her die in his arms. This was the event that triggered his fall to the Dark Side, and Icelus was born.

Coming up the ranks of the Sith in the old Galactic Empire, he served with a sect of Fallen Jedi and participated in the sacking of Coruscant. His trial to make the rank of Sith Knight involved him killing his former Master, who had survived their ambush on Nar Shaddaa. He did so, killing her and another Jedi Master in the process.

Through his adult life, he came to take on two lovers that bore him offspring, but all died in the calamities that befell him. It was while searching for his lost second lover and children that he was captured by Darth Vorn and imprisoned in carbonite for three thousand years.

Wakening to a galaxy that he no longer knew and all of his friends and loved ones gone, Rayhu took up the new title presented to him by Darth Vorn upon agreeing to be the Ancient Sith's Apprentice. He is currently attempting to learn Form X, but is having an exceptionally difficult time grasping the concept of time displacement which is crucial to maintaining control of this particular form.

The Rayhu of old used to be a charismatic individual, quick to laugh and joke with his friends. With his enemies - he was utterly ruthless. Usually leaving not a single enemy alive on the battlefield, he would use his Rage to fuel his Force Abilities and his Mastery with the twin sabers he used. With his family, he was nothing but love. Strange some would say for a Sith, but he doted on his children and saw to their every need.

With his incarceration in Carbonite and subsequent reawakening - he seemed to be a completely different individual. No longer having any sympathy or empathy for friend or foe, he would toy with his foes - savoring the pain he caused them, the mental anguish. Then, he would kill them and leave the corpse where it could be seen as a message to others. He wasn't one to play around with those that he considered true threats. If he had you beaten, and you were a threat to his plans, he would simply end you in the most judicious and expeditious way possible.

His Rage also seemed to be more in check as well. Yes he was callous with his allies and still quick to anger, but his Rage was more focused and driven - the hot steel was forged in the fires of combat. Though he learned to keep his anger on a short leash, he knew when and where to unleash it. In the service of his new Master, Darth Vorn.

Special Note:
Icelus suffered severe trauma in the past. As such, his left forearm and hand are cybernetic, along with his right leg below the knee and right foot.
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