Development Points

Development Points are accumulated as a Jedi participates in missions and gains general experience with the Force. A character deserves a Development Point if they achieve the following:
  • Creative use of the Force, or thinking outside the box when applying the Force (for instance, employing Aura of Peace to pacify an aggressive enemy instead of fighting him or her).
  • Performing actions that can be construed as morally *HEROIC* or *EVIL* with the Force (such as sacrificing self to defend a weaker character, to protect him or her, from dying).
  • Following one's path ideals in an exemplary fashion, even if it becomes a detriment to self (i.e, selflessly giving up an intimate relationship in favor of serving the greater whole).
GMs should note that it may be difficult for low end characters, particularly Initiates and Padawans, to successfully activate their powers when they attempt to do something different. Even should their attempt fail, they should be considered for an DP if their attempt was suitably creative in the GM's eyes.

Additionally, active participation throughout the character's stay in the sim is a REQUIREMENT for gaining a DP, not the minimum. (Characters who do not stay long enough to earn CP should not receive a DP, and characters who just kinda show up but not really participate shouldn't either.)

On the whole, these guidelines should hold true for awarding characters 1 to 2 DP for a normal length (3-5 hours) sim. Sims lasting longer then this time period may warrant additional DP equal to the same bonus in CP and learning that characters receive.

If, throughout the course of an entire sim, a character exhibits all of the above requirements in an exemplary fashion or with unquestionable doubt goes above and beyond what should be expected of a normal force sensitive character, GMs may award an additional DP.

Development Points in Character Sims

Given that Development Points are normally only available via actions above and beyond a character's normal routine, they will almost if never be acceptable to be awarded in an average character sim. If such situations are being presented in character sims for players to overcome, then they likely should be being run by a full GM, and called a sim.

As such, force sensitive characters have an alternative method available to them, should they feel they require an additional method to gain DP. Characters have the option of forsaking all of their normal rewards from a character sim in exchange for accruing a single DP. The restrictions on this option change slightly as a character(hereby noted as the trainee) goes up in rank, but generally, they retain a few fundamental qualifications:
  • A trainee must participate in a character sim lasting, as a minimum, two hours in length.
  • During this time, a second character(hereby called the instructor) must conduct a training sim with the trainee
  • focused on role-playing the education and use(with dice rolls) of an ability that the trainee is CURRENTLY learning.
  • The instructor must be at least 1 rank higher than the trainee.
  • The ability being learned must be a force power of the trainee's current rank.
  • The trainee must have the instructor listed as the person from which they are learning said above power.
  • Trainees must give up ALL of their rewards for a charsim of this type, including any CP and learning progress that might normally be gained.
  • This may be done up to twice a week, up to twice for any given power, and no more than once per day.
  • The instructor must submit a log of the claimed sim-time to an SGM or the HGM for approval.
As was mentioned before, the restrictions change slightly based on what rank the trainee is currently at.
  • Initiate: A character may earn a maximum of 10 DP in this manner.
  • Padawan: A character may earn a maximum of 20 DP (not counting the previous 10) in this manner
As with all systems, any characters caught abusing this method of gaining DP will be disciplined.
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