Every community member joining SWO is encouraged to participate in our live RP simulation events, which require roughly 3-4 hours of one's time, once per week (usually on Sundays). This does not mean, however, that a potential Role-Player (RPer) is limited to live RP alone.

SWO encourages all forms of creative writing, be it live action or written story. To this end, everyone has the opportunity to pen down character stories, group stories, heck even alternate timeline fan fiction if they wish to do so. Our Long Time Ago section is dedicated solely to writers or members who do not have the time to commit 3-4 hours to live RP.

This also means, that writing down stories in lieu of live RP may earn PCs valuable rewards. Just like characters participating in live simulations, characters featured in RP forum threads have the opportunity to earn the same rewards (CP, DP, FP, LSP, DSP) as those that perform in live action role-play. Utilizing both methods ensures character growth no matter how you choose to RP.

Keep in mind that in order to earn rewards, characters must meet certain minimum criteria. The most important one of those is the participation of a Game Master. GMs don't -always- notice new threads going up on the forums. In case they have missed yours and you really want them to either keep an eye on the progression of your story or have them participate with Canon NPCs, etc., you should drop them a quick PM to let them know what you need.

Here are the criteria the player and the GM should consider:
  1. Character Narratives (charsims) and Training threads ONLY (the HGM has no time to write Campaign threads on the forum with these players - at this time).
  2. Collaborative or Solo threads (player's choice)
  3. NPCs may be used - as long as they have already been mentioned in prior RP and/or sims having taken place. For new NPCs, please consult the HGM (major supportive roles only apply).
  4. No loot accumulation, unless specifically agreed upon - with the presiding GM.
  5. Writing players will still have to upgrade as normal (upgrade sim).

Here is a breakdown of Forum RP Rewards and any requirements that might apply:

Character Sim Thread​
1-2 CP​
20 posts per participant​
1-2, no GM needed​
Training Sim Thread​
3 CP or 1DP, 2 Learning​
20 posts per participant, 3 applicable dice rolls & successful adjudication of each​
3 or more, including GM​
May only be done once per individual skill​
Regular Sim Thread​
1-4 CP, 1-2 Learning,
20 posts per participant​
4 or more, including GM​
DSP/LSP may be awarded at GM's discretion​
Crafting Thread​
1 FP​
Successful completion of all required rolls​
2, including GM​
Same costs as in an upgrade sim​

NOTE: The presiding GM has the option to go with a no. of pages instead of no. of posts. The general rule of thumb is:

3+ (GM's discretion)​

NOTE: All rewards are administered at the Senior GM's discretion.

If you have any questions regarding Play-by-Post RP rewards, please PM Davin Kabak or Raine.
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