When and where does the RP take place in Star Wars Odyssey?
Our current setting is taking place 4 years before the Battle of Yavin, in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy.

What is the current campaign mainly about?
Our Heroes (who have spent their time hiding away from the Empire on Nar Shaddaa) set out to find a derelict freighter 'Solaris' adrift in Mid-rim space, belonging to one of their own, a Wookiee by the name of Shorlofnik. Upon arrival, our heroes find the vessel devoid of life, with evidence pointing to a possible abduction of the ship's owner. Further examination of the ship and its contents suggests that Shorlofnik may have been taken by the Vagaari pirates - for reasons yet unknown.

Regardless of what the latter might be, the heroes make the swift decision to find and rescue him by whatever means necessary. The Wookiee's trail leads them into the Unknown Regions where they find themselves enveloped in a war that threatens the freedom of the free peoples of the Albion Cluster.

How do characters get introduced/start out, in a SWO adventure or campaign?
Basically, there are TWO main ways we introduce a new character. The first and most basic of ways (for those that don't care to have a background/sideline story for their character done live), is for the character to just 'poof' in the midst of the rest of the group. This is usually the preferred way if the character had been previously known to the group as an NPC, for example.

The second way and the preferred one, is for the GM to incorporate the character's 'entrance' into the story by creating a little side adventure during which the group runs into the character or s/he, into them. The details of this adventure are discussed in private between the GM and the player whose character is being introduced, to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Those who prefer to use the first method (for whatever reason), can still do so - just let the GM know prior to the beginning of a sim.

How do languages work in the Unknown Regions?
For the sake of simplicity, we have assumed that most races we will encounter in the campaign are capable of understanding and speaking Galactic Basic. In the rare exceptions that something is being spoken, written or transmitted in a language other than Galactic Basic, characters are encouraged to rely on their Perception/Knowledge based skills or Force insight to decipher the meaning of a message.

How do characters age in SWO?
It is usually assumed that time passes the same way in sim as it does in real life. Thus, 1 year spent in the campaign will make the character age by 1 year. It is usually dictated by the GM, but the Staff have been known to be somewhat flexible where that is concerned.

Also, should a character wish to age their character by a few years, they may do so - provided the GM is given a viable reason for doing it. Once the age change has been approved, any changes to the character's bio (in the character sheet) should also be submitted at this time.

If a character has a physical/mental health condition, does it still progress?
Since time passes normally in the Star Wars universe, all SWO characters age and their bodily functions remain unchanged. This means that a character's hair will grow (or fall out) over time, they may gain or lose weight, and if they have a condition (such as a disease), that condition will progress as it normally would have anywhere in the Known Galaxy. Perfectly healthy characters can become ill and the passage of time can have a negative effect on their body (for example, a character can still starve to death).
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