A Force-bond is a strong connection in the Force between two Force-sensitive beings. Most Force-bonds typically occur between a Master and his or her Padawan, although Force-bonds may also form between two Force sensitive beings who wanted to forge such a link in order to influence each other. The bond allows the communication of feelings, thoughts and images across distances and granted greater coordination in battle. Through such connections, the Force easily flows, sometimes allowing one's will to bolster the strengths of the other, or possibly to draw upon their strengths.

As Force bonding refers to the innate ability to form connections in the Force, the degree to which that is possible varies depending on the Force sensitivity of the people involved. In other words, the stronger a person is in the Force, the stronger their connection would be to the other Force-sensitive being with whom they choose to Force-bond. While most life has a marginal ability to form such connections, some were said to have a special predisposition to it.

In SWO game terms, a Force bond may currently be created between 2 characters ONLY, where 1 of the characters MUST be Force-Sensitive. Only ONE Force bond may be active at any time. The action is performed in an Upgrade Sim, where both characters declare their desire to Force-bond to one another. If the HGM approves, each player spends 1 non-refundable Fate Point and the Force Bond is then recorded on each sheet with the applicable usage, as follows:

Force Bond:
  • Adds +1D to SENSE, Life Detection, Life Sense, Force Meld, Merge Senses, Telepathy, Read Surface Thoughts, Empathy and Transfer Force checks made against each other.
  • Confers a -1D penalty to all Force Concealment, Force Camouflage, and any offensive/harmful Dark Side powers used between the bonded characters against one another.
  • Informs either member of the bond when the other is in EXCRUCIATING pain, at -10 HP or less, or dead.
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