For the vast majority of the galaxy, the Force will remain an untouchable mystery that defies explanation or analysis. While, in stressful moments, such individuals may call upon what they believe to be their innermost reserves in order to push through a challenging time, they will never know the significance of that moment to their connection to the living Force. Above these individuals are those who are known as Force Sensitives.

Force Sensitivity is granted at character creation and as such enter the game with a minimum of 1D in each of the Force attributes: CONTROL, SENSE, and ALTER. From this point on, these characters are intrinsically tied to the Force. While they may not even be aware of why or how, Force sensitive characters can feel the use of the force around them and are affected by radical changes within it. They are Students of the Force.

The term Students refers to a loose rank system that has been in place for many generations in order to provide a rough measuring stick for one’s ability to use the Force. SW Odyssey only recognizes those strong enough to qualify as Knights or Masters; although individuals strong enough to qualify for the Knight trials are often referred to as ‘Jedi’ in their own right. One’s rank is determined by their ability to demonstrate certain levels of aptitude with the Force, as well as a general overall experience that are denoted by Development (Dev) Points.

Development (Dev) Points

These points are accumulated as a Jedi participates on missions and gains general experience with the force. A character deserves a Dev Point (DP) if they achieve the following: Creative use of the force, or thinking outside the box when applying the Force, or performing actions that can be construed as morally heroic with the Force, or for following one's path ideals in an exemplary fashion even if it becomes a detriment.

GMs should note that it may be difficult for low end characters, particularly Initiates and Padawans, to successfully activate their powers when they attempt to do something different. Even should their attempt fail, they should be considered for a DP if their attempt was suitably creative in the GM's eyes.

Additionally, active participation throughout the character's stay in the sim is a REQUIREMENT for gaining a DP, not the minimum. (Characters who do not stay long enough to earn CP should not receive a DP, and characters who just sort of show up but not really participate shouldn't either.)

On the whole, these guidelines should hold true for awarding characters 1 DP for a normal length (3-5 hours) sim. Sims lasting longer then this time period may warrant additional DP equal to the same bonus in CP and learning that characters receive (Double for 6-10, triple for 11-15 hour marathons).

If, throughout the course of an entire sim, a character exhibits all of the above requirements in an exemplary fashion or with unquestionable doubt goes above and beyond what should be expected of a normal Force sensitive character, GMs may award an additional DP.

Dev Points in Character Sims

Given that DP are normally only available via actions above and beyond a character's normal routine, they will almost if never be acceptable to be awarded in an average charsim. If such situations are being presented in charsims for players to overcome, then they likely should be being run by a full GM, and called a sim.

As such, force sensitive characters have an alternative method available to them, should they feel they require an additional method to gain DP. Characters have the option of forsaking all of their normal rewards from a character sim in exchange for accruing a single DP. The restrictions on this option change slightly as a character(hereby noted as the trainee) goes up in rank, but generally, they retain a few fundamental qualifications:
  • A trainee must participate in a character sim lasting, as a minimum, two hours in length.
  • During this time, a second character(hereby called the instructor) must conduct a training sim with the trainee focused on roleplaying the education and use(with dice rolls) of an ability that the trainee is CURRENTLY learning.
  • The instructor must be at least 1 rank higher than the trainee.
  • The ability being learned must be a Force power of the trainee's current rank.
  • The trainee must have the instructor listed as the person from which they are learning said above power.
  • Trainees must give up ALL of their rewards for a charsim of this type, including any CP and learning progress that might normally be gained.
  • This may be done up to twice a week, up to twice for any given power, and no more than once per day.
  • The instructor must submit a log of the claimed sim-time to an SGM for approval.
As was mentioned before, the restrictions change slightly based on what rank the trainee is currently at.

Initiate | Student
- a character may earn a maximum of 10 DP in this manner.

Padawan | Apprentice
- a character may earn a maximum of 20 DP (not counting the previous 10) in this manner
- the instructor and trainee must have formed a Training Bond (described below)

As with all systems, any characters caught abusing this method of gaining DP will be disciplined.

Requirements for Advancement in Rank as a Jedi:

Initiate - 0 DP, 0 Force Powers, declared Force Sensitivity at character creation
Padawan - 20 DP, 5 Force Powers, must have been accepted by a Knight or Master for training.
Knight - 80 DP, 20 Force Powers, 2 Force Powers must be at 5D, 2 Force Attributes must be at 4D; Candidate must successfully construct a lightsaber (Padawan level lightsaber is acceptable).
Master - 180 DP, 50 Force Powers, 3 Force Powers must be at 9D, 2 Force Attributes must be at 6D; Candidate must have successfully trained a Padawan (as in, the Padawan has completed his or her Knighthood Trials).

Gaining a higher rank carries with it certain benefits. First, the maximum cap for upgrading one’s powers and attributes increases. Second, the Jedi gains access to an entirely new tier of powers that he is capable of learning. Third, it becomes easier to learn powers that the Force Sensitive already knew. Fourth, as a Jedi’s experience with the Force grows, he will find himself more and more capable of constructing a Lightsaber (see Lightsaber Construction Rules in this section of the Codex). Finally, a Force Sensitive character's ability to maintain multiple powers at one time, or his Focus, increases.

Master level powers function a bit differently then their lower counterparts, primarily due to their strength and game altering capabilities. Unlike normal powers, the only way for a character to learn a master level power is if they possess a certain number of DP. For every 20 DP a character possesses above 200, they may learn 1 master level power.

Number of regular sims required in order to learn a new power:

Initiate - 8 (Initiate-level Force Powers only)
Padawan - 6 (Initiate-level), 8 (Padawan-level)
Knight - 4 (Initiate-level), 6 (Padawan-level), 8 (Knight-level)
Master - 2 (Initiate-level), 4 (Padawan-level), 6 (Knight-level), 8 (Master-level)

Focus Distribution:
  • Initiate - 1
  • Padawan - 2
  • Knight - 3
  • Master - 4

Training Bonds

Characters that wish to benefit from the knowledge of an teacher wiser than themselves unconsciously form a training bond throughout the process. The act of forming a training bond is very much like bonding a weapon or a lightsaber. Both characters must pay 1 FP and 2 CP to form a bond. After which, they gain the following benefits:
  • +1D to SENSE, Life Detection, Life Sense, Merge Senses, Sense Path, Telepathy, Read Surface Thoughts, Empathy, and Transfer Force checks made against each other.
  • Characters receive a -1D penalty to all block Force Sense, Force Camouflage, Doppleganger, Inflict Pain, and Force Concealment checks made against each other.
  • Informs either member of the bond when the other is in EXCRUCIATING pain, at -10 HP or less, or dead.
Characters may have up to one training bond at a time with an individual. An exception to this rule is when the trainee of the pair advances to Knight rank, the training bond is said to have 'matured', and both characters are free to select a new character to bond.
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