After a Master is satisfied that a student has mastered the basics he promotes the student to the rank of Padawan and allows him to choose a Discipline. The most common of the Light disciplines used in the SWO, are: Artificer, Factotum, Investigator, Meditative, Naturalist, and Warrior.

Some Force Users choose to specialize in specific aspects of the Force. Though these disciplines are not required by any means, they are an additional way for a Jedi PC to further customize their character. Though similar to professions, Force Disciplines are a skill set intended for a Jedi to play to their strengths. Upon reaching the rank of Padawan and building their first lightsaber, a Jedi can choose to acquire a discipline.

For rules purposes -- bonuses do not stack. A Master's bonus does not ADD to a Knight's bonus, merely replaces it. A Jedi Discipline counts as TWO (2) professions for the profession cap, and must be learned like an ADVANCED skill. In addition, the normal cost for taking a Jedi Discipline is 1 FP and 10 CP. These disciplines are meant to replace, not augment normal professions; should you know normal professions before learning a Jedi Discipline, you may still learn the discipline, but the cost increases to 2 FP and 25 CP. If you learn professions as ADVANCED skills, AFTER you learn the Jedi Discipline, the cost remains as 1 FP, 10 CP. As previously stated, a Discipline may only be taken after the Jedi has acquired the Padawan rank and built their first lightsaber. All pre-requisites must be met, and the Jedi must begin learning any of the required powers they do not already have within their rank level immediately. You may only have 1 Jedi Discipline.

The Artificers are the creators, tinkers, and inventors of the Jedi Knights. They tend to be very technical in nature and posses heightened mechanical empathy. A good example of an Artificer is Cay Qel-Droma who would rather tune a lightsaber blade than listen to his Master's stories.

  • Jedi or Sith Lore at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Lightsaber Repair at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Pick Any five (5) TECH and three (3) MECH skills from the following list (each must be at 1D over Species ATT cap): Astrogation, Computer Programming/Repair, Droid Programming/Repair, Ground Vehicle Repair, Repulsorlift Repair, Space Transports Repair, Starship Repair, Starship Weapons Repair, Security, Blaster Repair, Armor Repair, Capital Ship (Weapons) Repair, Walker Repair, Walker Repair, Sensors, Capital Ship Piloting, Capital Ship Shields, Communications, Ground Vehicle Operation, Repulsorlift Operation, Powersuit Operation, Space Transports, Starfighter Piloting and Starship Shields.
  • Alter ATT at 5D
Required Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Enhance Attribute, Instinctive Astrogation, Electronic Manipulation, Force Alchemy (once Knight rank is reached), Thermalkinesis, Imbue Weapon, Magnify Senses, Distort Matter (once Knight rank is reached) , Sith Alchemy SPECIALIZATION (once Knight rank OR HIGHER is reached), Transfer Life Essence (at Master level)

Recommended Study: Enhanced Combat.

Artificer Bonuses:
Padawan Level:

  • Receives a +1D bonus to the following powers/skills -- Lightsaber Repair.
  • Receives a +1D bonus to two of the pre-existing prerequisite skills, player's choice.
Knight Level:
  • Retains the +1D bonus from Padawan level, gains +1D bonus to ONE of the following: Electronic Manipulation, Distort Matter, Force Alchemy OR Sith Alchemy (player's choice)
  • +1D to one of the remaining prereq skills.
  • Lightsaber Repair checks are now made at -3 DC.
Master Level:
  • Master Jedi Artificers retain their +1D bonuses and gain an additional +1D to a remaining prereq skill.
  • The Force Alchemy bonus is upgraded to +2D
  • The player has a choice of being able to receive -5 DC to ONE of the following skill checks: Lightsaber Repair, Electronic Manipulation, Force Alchemy, or Distort Matter.

Whenever there is a mystery or report of Sith activity, an Investigator (often referred to as “Shadows” in some circles) is sent to check it out. These are the detectives, archaeologists, and spies of the Jedi. They search for Sith strongholds, research artifacts, infiltrate enemy organizations and solve enigmas of all sorts. These are the rarest of the Jedi and finding a Master is a near impossible task. It is currently under discussion in the Jedi Council to discontinue these teachings due to the risk of losing an undercover Jedi to Dark temptations and the moral dilemmas of teaching deceptive arts. Exar Kun may have been an Investigator before turning.

  • Sense ATT at 6D
  • ADV: Two-Handed Fighting
  • Law Enforcement at 1D above species ATT cap
  • Investigation at 2D above species ATT cap
  • Lightsaber Dexterity at 2D above species ATT cap
  • Perception at species ATT cap
  • Search at 2D above species ATT cap
  • Sneak at 2D above species ATT cap
  • Persuasion at 2D above species ATT cap
**Jedi Investigators must be in good moral standing throughout the galaxy. Any Jedi with alignment under +70 is not eligible to choose the Jedi Investigator discipline.

Required Powers: Accelerate Healing, Affect Mind, Contort/Escape, Force of Will, Enhance Attribute, Enhance Skill, Force Speed, Dim Other's Senses, Danger Sense, Lightsaber Combat, Farseeing, Postcognition, Force Camouflage (Knight Level), Aura of Peace, Force Concealment (Master Level), Magnify Senses Read Surface Thoughts, Sense Path, Electronic Manipulation, Empathy, Translation.

Recommended Study: Combat Sense, Retain Consciousness, Short-Term Memory Enhancement, Lesser Force Shield.

Investigator Bonuses:
Padawan Level:

  • DCs for Sneak, Sense Path and Read Surface Thoughts checks are reduced by one level.
  • +1D to Affect Mind and Postcognition.
  • +1D to Enhance Combat
Knight Level:
  • +1D to Read Surface Thoughts and Sense Path
  • The Knight Level Jedi Investigator may add an extra +1D to his or her resistance rolls (willpower and control) when using Force of Will.
  • DCs for Investigation and Force Concealment checks are reduced by one level.
  • +1D to Lightsaber Offense or Defense, when using Forms II, III, or VI when wielding a Lightstaff.
Master Level:
  • The Master Investigator may add an extra +2D to his or her resistance rolls (willpower and control) when using Force of Will.
  • The Master Investigator may select a particular area of expertise, a specialization of Investigation and recieve a +1D bonus to investigation rolls in that realm.
  • +1D to Farseeing and Force Concealment.
  • Empathy & Translation checks are reduced by one DC.
  • +2D to Lightsaber Offense or Defense, when using Forms II, III, or VI when wielding a Lightstaff.

The Force is created by all living things, and therefore must be protected. These Jedi have a special connection with Nature and all life. They are much more than simple park rangers yet far removed from eco-terrorists. They are often sent to frontier worlds to help in the formation of colonies and adapting to alien life. If you wanna scrap with a Naturalist, you often have go through his Rancor pets. The Twi’lek Jedi Tott Doneeta displayed some of these abilities.

  • Sense ATT at 5D
  • Control ATT at 5D
  • Perception at 1D above species ATT cap
  • Accelerate Healing at 6D
  • Hide at 1D above species ATT cap
  • Search at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Scholar: Ecology at 1D above species ATT cap
  • Survival at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Beast Handling at 5D
  • Beast Riding at 5D
  • First Aid at 5D
  • Tracking at 5D
Required Powers: Accelerate Healing, Control Breathing, Control Pain, Control Disease, Danger Sense, Detoxify Poison, Life Detection, Life Sense, Natural Navigation, Predict Natural Disaster, Life Web (at Knight Level), Magnify Senses, Transfer Force (at Master level), Emptiness, Weather Sense, Reduce Injury. Recommended Study: Enhanced Combat, Remove Fatigue, Hibernation Trance.

Recommended Study: Beastmaster.

Naturalist Bonuses:
Padawan Level:

  • Survival may now be upgraded as a specialization
  • +1D to Beast Handling and Detoxify Poison
  • DCs for Tracking decrease by one level
Knight Level:
  • Life Web does not require a specialization and requires half the required time.
  • Life Detection DCs are reduced by one level
  • DCs for Tracking decrease by two levels
  • +1D to Magnify Senses
  • +1D to Force Wind
  • +1D to Survival
Master Level:
  • Natural Navigation is now a constant (passive) and assumed power -- it is 'always up' (provided the Jedi's connection to the Force is normal) and eats up no focus.
  • +1D to Predict Natural Disaster and Weather Sense
  • Gains a mount that seeks out the Naturalist, based on his or her current location (must be a planet inhabited by fauna). The mount remains with the Naturalist until time of its release (verbal or action based). While mounted on it, the Naturalist receives a +2D to Beast Riding.
  • +2D to Natural Navigation
  • +1D to Beastmaster

Although the Jedi Knights are devoted to peace, they understand the Galaxy is not perfect and violence is a necessary evil. These noble Samurai do not believe in peace through superior firepower... but superior compassion. Life is precious and should only be taken as a last resort. The Warriors are the primary peacekeepers. They are sent wherever there is strife, anarchy, or the Sith. An obvious example of a Warrior is Ulic Qel-Droma.

  • Lightsaber at 2D above Species ATT cap
  • Must know Lightsaber Form I(Shii-Cho), Lightsaber Form II (Makashi), Lightsaber Form III (Soresu)
  • Any two other combat skills (such as Blaster,Melee Combat, Thrown Weapons) at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Guard OR Back to Back
  • Off-Handed Fighting OR Single Weapon Focus
  • Flurry OR Rapid Shot
  • Lightsaber Repair
  • Enhanced Combat at 6D
Required Powers: Enhance Combat, Enhance Skill, Force Speed, Force Throw, Resist Stun, Magnify Senses, Jedi Athletics, Force Charged Strike, Combat Sense (Knight Level), Deflect Force Lightning (Knight), Lesser Force Shield (Knight), Battle Meditation (Master Level)

Recommended Study: Accelerated Healing, Dim Other’s Senses, Remove Fatigue, Force Meld and Affect Mind.

Warrior's Bonuses:
Padawan Level:
  • may choose to upgrade a single chosen specialization of the Lightsaber dexterity skill at +2D opposed
  • can choose one of the following powers to advance as a specialization: Force Speed, Resist Stun, Jedi Athletics or Control Pain
  • +1D to Enhance Combat
Knight Level:
  • may choose a specialization (i.e., partner) for the Back To Back advanced Dexterity skill as if they had a teacher.
  • receives the special ability "Aggressive Negotiations". Aggressive Negotiations grants a +1D bonus to interaction rolls to convince a weaker or numerically inferior hostile target NOT to fight the Guardian and/or their allies.
  • +1D to Lightsaber (or any of its specializations)
  • +2D to Enhance Combat
  • +1D to Tactics
Master Level:
  • the Guardian may upgrade either Greater Force Shield OR Absorb/Channel Energy as if it were a specialization.
  • Aggressive Negotiations grants a +2D bonus to interaction rolls.
  • +2D to Lightsaber (or any of its specializations)
  • +1D to Battle Meditation.
  • +2D to Tactics checks.

Those who study the Meditative arts prefer to exercise their minds, not muscle. They are the thinkers and masters of the mind and spirit. In times of conflict they coordinate the Warriors’ actions through their powerful Jedi Battle Meditation while shattering their enemies’ wills to win. Make no mistake, they may not charge into battle with lightsaber drawn, but are among the most brave and powerful of the Knighthood. To find an example of a Meditative master, look no further then the legendary Nomi Sunrider.

  • Jedi or Sith Lore at 2D above Species ATT cap
  • Sense and Control Attributes at 5D
  • Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Cultures, Languages, Planetary Systems, Persuasion at 1D above Species ATT cap
  • Bargain and Command at 2D above Species ATT cap
  • Willpower at 2D above Species ATT cap
Required Powers: Force of Will, Postcognition, Emptiness, Affect Mind, Short-Term Memory Enhancement, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Read Surface Thoughts, Magnify Senses, Danger Sense, Aura of Peace, Farseeing (Knight Level), Sense Path (Knight Level), Force Deflection or Battle Meditation (Master Level)

Recommended Study: Empathy, Merge Senses, Translation, Battle Meld.

Meditative Jedi's Bonuses:
Padawan Level:
  • +1D bonus to Concentration during non-Combat rounds ONLY.
  • may upgrade the following skills as if they were specializations: Languages, Alien Species, Cultures, Telepathy, Telekinesis.
Knight Level:
  • +1D bonus to Short Term Memory Enhancement, Farseeing and all powers under the Accelerate Healing tree.
  • may convey their knowledge to a Holocron at twice the normal rate.
Master Level:
  • advances all skills within their skill set at half the cost.
  • +2D bonus to Postcognition as well as a +1D bonus to Scholar: Jedi Lore.
  • +1D bonus to Reduce Injury
  • Master Level Meditative Jedi attempt to document their collective knowledge in a single holocron to ensure that their wisdom survives through the ages. Upon reaching Master and fulfilling the requirements for Meditative Jedi, a Master may create a holocron by spending the appropriate costs as outlined under Force Alchemy without actually rolling for the construction. Anyone who learns from this holocron is treated as having the Gifted Learner quirk for the duration of his/her study and gain a permanent +1 increase to the learned skill.

Jedi Factotum (Peacekeepers) are Jacks-of-all-trades. They tend to be speakers, storytellers, educators and the like. They are trained to adapt to any environment and are given a pretty wide berth when choosing their studies. Factotum is the only Discipline where a Padawan does not have to tie himself down to one Master. These students tend to roam the universe seeking knowledge from Master to Master (but, as always, what a Master says goes... an Apprentice may not take his leave without his current Master’s permission). Many governmental leaders prefer liberal advisors and request Factotum.

  • SENSE 5D
  • ALTER 5D
  • KNOWLEDGE attribute at Species ATT cap
  • Scholar: Jedi Lore AND Scholar: Sith Lore at 1D above species ATT cap.
  • Any 2 additional Scholar Skills at 6D.
Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Enhance Skill, Short Term Memory Enhancement, Affect Mind, Magnify Senses, Dim Others' Senses, Aura of Peace, Life Sense, Postcognition, Imbue Weapon, Resist Stun, Electronic Manipulation, Thermalkinesis, Force Throw, Emptiness (at Knight Level), Farseeing (at Knight Level), Empathy (at Knight Level), Translation (at Knight Level), Sense Path (at Knight Level), Lesser Force Shield (at Knight Level), Transfer Force (at Master Level), Channel Energy (at Master Level), Force Deflection (at Master Level).

Recommended Study: Read Surface Thoughts, Force Alchemy, Force Acumen*.
*Not a Force Power, but an Advanced Skill in the Knowledge ATT tree.

Factotum Jedi's Bonuses:
Padawan Level:
  • May choose to upgrade a single chosen (KNOWLEDGE) Scholar skill at +2D opposed.
  • +1D to Enhance Attribute and Life Sense.
  • The Factotum at Padawan level must choose an Academic Focus - be it a Scholastic (Knowledge) Attribute OR a Force Attribute. While s/he learns OR instructs another in a skill or power under their chosen academic focus, the instructor OR the student learns the skill or power by accumulating 4 Learning Increments per regular sim session - whether the instructor is present in the sim - or not. (NOTE: The Factotum MUST be learning the chosen skill OR have already learned the skill/power being taught, for the bonus to apply to the Student.)
Knight Level:
  • +1D to Affect Mind
  • +1D to Magnify Senses
  • +1D to Persuasion and Bargain
  • The Factotum at Knight level may choose an additional Academic Focus - as stated above.
Master Level:
  • +1D to Empathy
  • +2D to Aura of Peace
  • +1D to Force Deflection
  • The Factotum at Knight level may choose an a third - and final Academic Focus - be it a Force or Regular Attribute.
  • A Master Factotum is treated as having the Gifted Learner trait for all skills/powers within their Academic Foci.
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