Time to Use: 1 round
Focus: 1 (maintained)
Difficulty: Easy (20m, visual*), Moderate (100m), Difficult (1km), Very Difficult (100km), Heroic (1 AU)

The Jedi can sense the presence and identity of a specific person for whom he searches. The Jedi can sense how badly wounded, diseased or otherwise physically disturbed the target is, as well as how strong the target is in the force, and if it is actively using the force. The Jedi knows the direction and distance to his target.

The user of Life Sense must have interacted with the target in some form or another. Life Sense generally functions by locating the resonance of a certain pattern in the force, and without a frame of reference, it is impossible for a character to pick out that resonance at random.

Sample Modifiers:

DC vs. Circumstance
  • +10 - Hearing the target's voice through a comlink
  • +5 - Watching the target on a live video feed, or possessing a personal item of the target
  • +0 - Having touched the target, spoken with them directly, or observed them for more then a minute
  • Heroic - Detect someone the Jedi knows intimately, extended period of interaction (months), good friends, etc.
A force sensitive may attempt to suppress their presence and hide from Life Sense, just as they would Life Detection.

The Range for Life Sense doubles for each focus spent to maintain the power.

* If the Jedi can see his target, the difficulty is automatically easy. This power serves as ''sensing'' the target for uses of powers such as TK.​

Special: If the Jedi possesses 6D in Life Sense, he automatically knows what powers his target is using.

Rank Required: Padawan
See Also: Life Detection, Life Web
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