Character Type: Veteran
Character Species: Miraluka
Gender: Female
Age: (standard years) 31
Height: 1.08 meters
Weight: 65.8 kilograms
Character Move: 9/12
Personal Quote: "Without the brightest of light, the darkest of shadows cannot exist."
Character Health Points: 20
Character Initiative: 31
Morality: +26
Renown: 0
Spent FP: 0

Character Pic: See Avatar

Character Points: 17
Learning: Control Breathing
Teacher: Corvus Arca Dalen (NPC)
Sims Left: 5

Character Credits: 600 (1,300 sov)
Force Sensitive?: Yes
Force Path: Light but slightly grey in her beliefs
Force Rank: Padawan
Master (if appllicable): Corvus Arca Dalen
Character FP: 3
Development Points: 22
Midichlorian Count:11,955

Character Bio:
Mirran was born out of the relationship of a Jedi Knight and a Luka Sene. Her mother, Kitra, as a young child as most children are was taken to be trained within the Order. Kitra grew up learning all the disciplines and philosophies of the Order.

However, during her first assignment as a Jedi Knight, she was assigned to protect the Miralukan Ambassador, Minden Kai. The two found a deep connection with each other and felt that the Force had guided them to each other somehow. Kitra although tried to deny what she felt for him, in the end she felt and saw that her destiny lay with Minden Kai. So Kitra walked away from the Order and made a life back with her own people and with Minden Kai who she also found out was a Luka Sene Master. She learned that her people's ways and Force tradition were not as harsh as the Jedi Order. She embraced her people's tradition and married Minden Kai. She joined him as an ambassador as she felt the ways of the Jedi made her suited to that life.

A year later, Mirran Kai was born on Alpherdies and grew up with the love and devotion of her parents. Her parents taught her the ways of the Luka Sene and also to be mindful of the Force and to be aware of all that was around her. Yet, the darkness of the future lay ahead and Mirran's parents could see through the Force that a shadow of Bogan or the Dark Side was coming. They could feel it but knew not where it was coming from. Yet, they knew the galaxy as always goes through times of light and times of darkness and that this was the way of the Force.

Mirran grew up as a Luka Sene student taught by her father and learned Jedi skills from her mother. As the galaxy plunged into the Clone Wars, Mirran and her family strove very hard to help mitigate and traverse the shadows of Bogan. They knew that the age of darkness was coming but they did all they could to keep some sense of Ashla to shine through to bring a sense of balance. They tried to speak peace to those in the Republic and to those in the Separatists parties. Yet all seemed in vain as even the Jedi and the Republic went to war. It was during this time that Mirran, at the age of thirteen started having Force visions, she couldn't fully understand all of them. However, one vision stood out to her and it was one where she saw a man in shadows striking down her family. She told her family and her mother calmly explained that death happens to all and as much as it may hurt that death precipitates rebirth that from the death of summer to winter and eventually spring is born and then summer again. Mirran did not understand her words as she could not fathom how people could be like the seasons on a planet. Yet, when Mirran grew older and after the death of her parents, she began to comprehend that her parents had given birth and rise to her so that from her another season of life could come forward.

At the close of the war, and before the issue of Order 66, her parents and she were caught up in the hunt of Force-sensitives and they were caught in a trap laid by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine who invited Mirran and her family with the pretense of negotiating a peace between the Separatists and the Republic. Yet, to their horror, they found the meeting with the chancellor was a trap and Mirran watched in horror as she saw the chancellor ignite a lightsaber and attack her parents. Her mother and Mirran saw their father and husband die at the hands of the chancellor. Mirran was mortified, her Force vision was coming true. They managed to escape, the chancellor, but her mother told Mirran they had to get to the Jedi Temple to let the Jedi know that the chancellor was apparently a Dark Side Force User. Yet as they came to the Jedi Temple, they found a group of Jedi who apparently already knew that the Chancellor was a Sith and were going off to confront him. Kitra stated that she was going to help the Masters of the Jedi and Mirran said quietly. "No, he will kill you and my vision will come true." Her mother calmly told her sixteen-year-old daughter, that if that it was the Force's will that she die then it would be in service to the Force and the Force itself. She told her daughter to stay at the temple and if the Force willed it, she would return to her. As a promise of her return, she gave Mirran her lightsaber and said that it was a small piece of herself that would be with her always. As she had given up her lightsaber to her daughter, Kitra borrowed a yellow lightsaber from the lightsabers of the Temple guards saying it would be fitting to use the lightsaber of a Temple Jedi to go after the chancellor.

However, when Mirran felt her mother's death in the Force and Mirran knew she could not stay at the Jedi temple and despite the knights of the Order telling her, she should stay. Mirran said defiantly she was not a Jedi and she would never stay at a place that was not her home. She took off and ran off using her middle name Arren and the Force itself to evade any person trying to find her. Mirran has spent the present running from the Empire and trying to find anyone who would help her complete her training, either as a Jedi or a Luka Sene.

Personality: Mirran prefers to let others speak before she speaks and thinks carefully before she answers anyone. She is often quiet and reflective and tends to wait to see what happens before she commits to any action. She prefers speaking before action and peace before strength. Yet, if she feels threatened or disturbed in anyway she will not hesitate to act either for herself or for others. Once she makes up her mind on something, she is hard to persuade to another path or course of direction. For others, it is better to talk to her before she has come to a decision because once settled she in her mind good luck in persuading her to do so otherwise. Like many Miraluka, she sees the Force as the Force and that Light cannot exist without Dark and Dark cannot exist without Light. She believes in the Miraluka deities of Ashla and Bogan, which are actually the two distinct sides of the Force. She also has a quiet sadness about her that sometimes weighs her down. Yet other times she can be ebullient when she wants to be or when others change her focus to something more uplifting and cheerful.

Special Abilities:

  • Force Sensitivity - All Miraluka are Force Sensitive. As such they may not be Severed from the Force.
  • Force Sight - The Miraluka rely on their ability to perceive their surroundings by sensing the slight Force vibrations emanated from all objects. In any location where the Force is in some way cloaked, the Miraluka are effectively blind. Miraluka may not gain any sight bonuses from equipment. However, a Miraluka takes no penalties for Darkness, and may add half of their Sense attribute to Perception.
Story Factors:
Strange Humanoids - An alien race almost exactly the same in appearance as humans, Miraluka differ in that they have no eyes or blank white sockets and cannot see through the focusing of light. Miraluka typically hide their lack of eyes by wearing a headband, a mask, or similar concealing head wear, because they are much less common than humans, and it is easier to travel if they are seen as being of the dominant species; thus the common confusion as to who is or is not a Miraluka.
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