Random Complications

The Random Complication is a concept adapted from D&D and into SWO since its creation. As most veteran players are aware, the Random Complication comes into effect where a Red '1' is rolled on the Wild Die (the first dice rolled with our dice script). The RComp is, in essence, the occurrence of a random event that tends to complicate (or sometimes aid), the attempted task. It is often used as a non-mandatory way for GMs to 'spice up' a sim by providing potential changes in the way the dice roll.

Handling a Random Complication:

You are GMing a sim and someone just rolled a 1 - what do you do? Assuming you are choosing to observe Random Complications in the sim session, you would roll a simple 1D100; either in the GM dice room or in the sim channel. A low result (1-20) normally means something bad happens (a tentative list of what could happen is shown below for reference), a mid-low result (20-40) is usually something 'okay', not too bad; but still bad. A mid-level result (40-60) is usually something neutral, might be good or bad, or no effect. A mid-high result (60-80) is something decent, but not too good, and a high result (80-100+) is usually pretty good for the roller.

Random Complication Examples:

Lets take a look at an example of a character shooting at an Imperial Stormtrooper. Listed below are R-comp numbers (using the 1-100 roll system) and what could potentially happen. As you are the GM, ANYTHING is possible, but please take note of what a character is doing, and if their equipment is fail-safe or not. As an aside - DO NOT kill a character with a Random Complication, they're supposed to be just that (Random). The RComp may be used to save a character's life, but if a roll is Life or Death, and they RComp it - have them re-roll to be fair, or take the raw number rolled. Now back to the RComp results for our example, above (keep in mind, these are only examples themselves; actual results will vary with individual GM):
  • RComp Roll: 10 Result: E-11 overloading: will explode in 1D rounds. Character misses.
  • RComp Roll: 30 Result: Grazing shot, -3D damage. Power pack burn out.
  • RComp Roll: 50 Result: No effect
  • RComp Roll: 70 Result: E-11 deals +1D damage from hitting a good location. Marginal miss (or tied roll) becomes a hit.
  • RComp Roll: 100 Result: BOOM HEADSHOT, enemy dead. +3D damage. Etc.
Please note that the above are examples ONLY: as a GM your possibilities are ENDLESS. The RComp is just another tool to help make your sims fun and interesting. Use the Random Complication wisely, and as always, have fun!

NOTE: Again, to recap - a character should NEVER directly DIE from the result of a random complication. If a result on an RComp would result in a character Dying (IE: A 1 on an Ejection RComp), ignore it and only take the roll at face value.
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