Character Species: Barabel
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Height: 2.5 m
Weight: 175 kg
Character Move: 11/14
Personal Quote: TBA
Health Points: 50
Initiative: 19
Morality: +24
Renown: 3
Spent FP: --
Character Pic: TBA

Character Points: 119
Learning: Adv. Rapid Fire
Teacher: Self
Sims Left: 17

Credits: 26 200 (18,749 Sovereigns)
Force Sensitive? --
Force Path: --
Force Rank: --
Master: --
Character FP: 3
Development Points: --
Midichlorian Count: TBA

Character Bio:
Runk was borne the twelfth of sixteen in his warren. The smallest and thinnest of his warren, the renowned Barabel ferocity was levied in full against Runk, who often found himself beaten at the hands of his siblings and, on occasion, his parents. The other Barabel would refuse to take Runk on hunts, and Runk’s only formal schooling consisted of the stories of the Jedi and their heroic feats that he could hear from the other room.

While in the middle of one particularly vicious beating while he was still young, Runk had finally taken everything he could. He lashed out, slicing the neck of one of his attackers and charging another, attempting to rain blows on his attackers. On that day in his youth, Runk developed his survival mechanism, ferocity.

Runk began to ferociously attack anyone who he felt threatened by, and as he gained the respect of the larger Barabel, Runk quickly began to develop a reputation for breaking up the traditional beatings of smaller Barabels, gaining a notorious reputation among his warren.

His attitudes didn’t change when he began to grow. Once the runt of the Warren, Runk began to grow rapidly, soon beginning to dwarf those who attacked them before. But his attitudes didn’t change, and he would still furiously assault those he felt bullying others. Only now, Runk would easily tear through the other Barabel, leaving a trail of death behind him.

Fearing the safety of their warren, the leaders sent Runk off world, barring him from returning. Runk would find his stature and species to be a significant advantage, and would take various jobs as guards and enforcers for crime lords, leading him eventually to Nar Shadaa.

When Runk sees this, he has a tendency to become enraged and often has a hard time being talked down from his assault. Runk never truly got over his upbringing and continues to harbor a deep hatred of anything he construes as bullying, which tends to include anyone larger speaking angrily or attacking someone smaller.

In most other situations, Runk is fairly quiet and few with his words, a trait due to the lack of positive socialization as a child. His size and species don’t tend to help this lack of socialization as many sentients are, at the very least, nervous around him.
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