Difficulty: Easy for a wide area or planet, Moderate for within a local area or room or strong auras, Difficult for sensing details or specific objects. Modified by proximity.
Time to Use: N/A
Focus: All

This power is used to sense the ambient Force within a place. It cannot be used to specifically detect sentient beings, but can detect many forms or life and many areas of the galaxy intertwined with the Force.

Sense Force will tell a Jedi the rough magnitude of the Force in an area or object (rich, moderate or poor in the Force), the rough type and quantity of life-forms (many insects, only microbes and bacteria, teeming with plant and animal life, including higher predators) and whether the area or object tends toward the dark side or the light side. An area rich in negative or positive energies may indicate past events or activities of past inhabitants. The Jedi may also receive vague premonitions or feelings about the area, sensing when something is wrong, or there has been a great tragedy, or a powerful being was present.

At higher levels, it is even possible for a Jedi to supplant their normal vision with a kind of Force Sight (Moderate), allowing them to see all life forms within a certain radius (see: Life Detection) in their mind. If the roll is sufficiently powerful (Very Difficult), the Jedi is able to see in their mind nearly everything around them by way of surface microbes, so long as the environment is not completely sterile.

When used on objects, Sense Force allows the character to gain a general feel of the object in his mind, potentially allowing him to 'see' or even 'feel' the object without directly perceiving it. This power allows the Jedi to determine the general force aura of the object which would tell him the relative strength of the object and its alignment, if any. A character with the Force Alchemy or Sith Alchemy power may then attempt to determine what the object does by rolling said power against a Moderate or higher DC based on the object.

Sense force may also be used to detect the presence of force powers being actively used around the Jedi. Use the range described in Life Detection for the range of this ability, along with its increases based on focus. For large, active powers such as Telekinesis or Bold of Hatred, the user only needs to beat a Moderate result to detect the power. For more covert powers that do subtle, yet powerful changes like Affect Mind the user must beat the opposing power roll in order to detect the use of the Force.

Rank Required: Initiate
See Also: Life Detection, Precognition, Telepathy
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