There are currently 4 types of Events that are being ran on regular basis in both SWO and VOJ:
  • Character Sim(ulation)s - character interaction RP, also known as free-form role-play (IC)
  • Training Sim(ulation)s - where newcomers to SWO and/or VOJ learn the ropes of simming and mIRC
  • Regular Sim(ulation)s - full scale IC adventures and campaigns (the main events of our RPG)
  • Upgrade Sim(ulation)s - opportunities for players to advance their characters (done OOC)
Simulations (or "Sims" as we like to call them), are live role-playing adventures that members participate in, online. Each time someone participates in any of the above, they earn sim rewards. Each type of sim offers different sets of these, which are broken down as follows:

Character Sim Rewards
  • 1 CP per hour for a MAXIMUM of 2 CP per charsim, regardless of duration - awarded ONLY if the character has been ACTIVELY participating in the sim for a minimum of 1 hour. A minimum of 3 players must be present and active for that 1 hour of elapsed time, for the reward to be dispensed (after the sim has concluded). If there is no GM present during a Charsim session, then a log must be submitted to the GM by one of the players, with the request to administer applicable rewards to participants. NO monetary reward (credits) may ever be earned during a Charsim - however, trading items and/or credits, is usually acceptable.
  • GM rewards: same as the player rewards.

Training Sim Rewards
  • 3 CP & 2 Learning - for all intents and purposes, a Training sim is a regular sim, but a shorter version of the latter. A training sim must not exceed 3 hours in duration.
  • Force Sensitives (Initiates & Padawans ONLY) may opt to earn 1 DP instead of 3 CP during a Training session. This must be declared at the start of sim by PMing the presiding Game Master.
  • GM rewards: 5 CP & 2 Learning per session.
  • Above listed rewards apply ONLY if the player has displayed a MINIMUM of 3 repeated attempts to use the skill or power s/he is currently learning. Such attempts must also feature narratives (written descriptions) that demonstrate adequate understanding of the skill or power the PCs are learning. NOTE: In case of being unclear on how a skill or power works - ask the presiding GM via whispers - that's what they are there for.
  • Should a player appear at a Training sim but fail to 'train' as described above, Character sim rewards will be applied to that PC's sheet at the GM's sole discretion.

Regular Sim Rewards
  • 1CP per hour & 1 learning per 4 hrs of active participation - As a regular sim session is designed to last 4 hours, character usually earn 4CP and 1 learning increment, per session. IF the participating character's teacher is present during the sim, the PC earns 2 increments per session.
  • 100 credits at the end of a full session, provided the player has been present from the beginning to end (this reward is not 'set in stone' and the HGM does occasionally shift its value at his sole discretion - to help maintain balance within the game.)
  • Force Sensitives may also earn Development Points, depending on the degree of creative Force usage in sim - and the discretion of the presiding Game Master.
  • Other Possible Rewards: Light Side Points, Dark Side Points, Renown, Monetary Rewards, Loot, Fate Points.
  • The GM is encouraged to adjust CP rewards positively or negatively, based on the level of activity and creativity of a particular character. For activity, this is based on how involved in the main plot the character is. Are they talking, or acting upon what's going on, are they paying attention, making observations or choices that affect the story. In general, how much did they DO that mattered. For creativity, this is based on how descriptive and thoughtful their sim posts are. If the majority of the player's posts are "points a blaster and fires" actions or "that sounds great" dialogue, that kind of thing, this would warrant a negative modification to awarded CP. Descriptive and detailed posts that make things very easy to understand not just what the character does, but how and why, would be worth giving additional bonus CP rewards.
  • GM rewards: 2 CP per 1 hour of sim, 2 Learning increments, 1000 credits per session.

Upgrade Sim Rewards
  • Every time a player rolls lower or equal to the GMs roll during a skill or an attribute upgrade - he or she receives the said upgrade, in lieu of a reward for a successful attempt.
  • Rounding of CP cost goes in favor of the player, when in doubt. At the END of the upgrade session for each player, If the Player is left with a partial CP ( 0.5 or more ), that gets rounded back up to 1 full CP when the player's sheet is updated.
  • Bonuses to Player rolls for upgrades are subtracted from the result. Bonuses to GM rolls for upgrades are kept.
  • GM rewards: 1.5 CP per upgraded player; only SGM & HGM have the authority to run upgrade sims.
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