An abstract representation of a character's ethical and moral codes, Alignment in SWP acts as a manifestation of actions, deeds, and interactivity with the Force and the world around it. Alignment should not be confused with Good or Evil, instead the 200 point scale measures Balance versus Corruption, with positive 100 being the ultimate order and negative 100 being pure chaos. It is not rare for positive paragons to be associated with the good, as their actions often coincide with concepts such as mercy and selflessness, but that does not mean a negative alignment stands for only evil. Excess, obsession, and passion can lead to the dark side, even if they exist within good intentions.

When a character performs an action that can be described as a balanced action, one that exemplifies the concepts found with the Jedi Code, or one that follows the tenants of order their alignment should be shifted toward +100. Conversely, when a character performs an action that can be described as chaotic, one that is selfish or immoral, or one that is fueled by raw emotion their alignment should be shifted toward -100. When the shift is in a positive direction the character is said to have gained a "Light Side Point" or LSP for short. Similarly, negative shifts are denoted by a "Dark Side Point", or DSP.

LSP and DSP Awards
Morality is a concept that varies from person to person, but not to the Force. As alignment represents your character's presence and setting in the Force and the natural world; individual views play little part in the gaining of either LSP or DSP. The following is a short list of actions that can earn you points in either direction.
  • You provide a valuable service pro-bono despite being an expert in the field. +1 LSP
  • Despite knowing that your client has only enough funds remaining to feed her family you raise the price of your much needed services, making an obscene profit. +1 DSP
  • The local drunk in your apartment complex has yet again vomited all over the hallway, and has been unconscious for the past two days. You opt to help her on the road to recovery: helping clean up her mess and getting her enrolled in a clinic that you pay for. +2 LSP
  • Instead you choose to encourage his destructive behavior, pushing her deeper into her alcoholism so that you can take advantage of her. When she continues to spiral, to push her to drugs, so that you can profit from her misery. +2 DSP
  • You dive on top of a grenade in order to save your already injured comrades from harm. +3 LSP
  • You murder someone, desecrate a holy place, or any number of actions of this type. +3 DSP
These examples are general guidelines toward what can be considered a 'Light Side' or a 'Dark Side' action. In general, only 3 LSP or DSP should be awarded for any one specific action unless the circumstances are extremely extravagant, such as ordering your forces to blow up a pacifistic planet. In this case it would be appropriate to award additional Dark Side Points. However, single actions do not define a character's alignment, they merely influence it. Repeated acts of order or chaos will eventually build to define a character.

Force Sensitives and Alignment
For a Force Sensitive character, alignment swings are more dramatic due to the character's intimate connection to the Force. First and foremost, LSP and DSP count twice for a FS character's alignment shift. A character at +70 alignment who earns a single LSP would have their alignment increase to +72. In addition, actions that might not necessarily warrant a LSP or DSP when done normally almost always warrant one when done with the force. Punching someone in the face for insulting your mother doesn't necessarily warrant a DSP at any alignment. Calling on your vastly superior abilities to telekinetically punch them in the face so you don't get your hands dirty warrants a DSP.

When a character's alignment approaches one extreme or the other, they receive bonuses to abilities that are in line with that alignment, and penalties to abilities that are opposed to it. Certain powers are denoted Light Side powers, and some as Dark Side ones, as noted below.

Light Side Powers
  • Accelerate Healing, Battle Meditation (Positive Buffs), Bolt of Force (Positive Version), Control Disease, Detoxify Poison, Dim Other's Senses, Force Alchemy, Force Harmony, Reduce Injury, Force of Will, Lesser Force Shield, Hibernation Trance, Aura of Peace, Lesser Force Shield, Deflect Force Lightning, Sense Path, and Transfer Force.
Dark Side Powers
  • Rage, Bolt of Hatred, Control Mind, Feed on the Dark Side, Dark Side Web, Drain Life Energy, Drain Life Essence, Memory Wipe, Doppleganger, Aura of Uneasiness, Force Lightning, Sith Alchemy, Injure/Kill, Inflict Pain, Telekinetic Kill, Projected Fighting, Transfer Life Essence.

Alignment Effects
Once a character has reached either +50 or -50 alignment, her connection to her preferred Force path strengthens, while the opposite path begins to weaken. Based on the user's alignments, they receive penalties to all powers of the opposite alignment, and a bonus to all powers of the same alignment. These bonuses and penalties are treated as a 'Light Bonus' or a 'Corruption Bonus', depending on the effect, and stack with all others.

At 50 to 69, the bonus and penalty are both 1D. At 70 to 89, they increase to 2D. At 90+, they increase to 3D.

Alignment Extremes
Characters that have mastered their passions and become one with the force, represented by having an alignment of +90 or above, gain a Force Point for every sim in which they do not gain a Dark Side Point.

Characters that have reached perfect harmony, +100, gain a force point for each Light Side Point that would otherwise take them above +100, as calculated at the end of the sim. The bonus FP accumulated from gaining LSP above +100 caps at 3 FP. The effects of any and all character traits are ignored for this bonus FP.

Examples of this include:
  • +90 Character gains 0 LSP/0 DSP and they get +1 FP.
  • +90 Character gains 1 LSP/1DSP and they do not gain any FP.
  • +100 Character gains 2 LSP, and they get 2 FP.
  • +100 Character gains 2 LSP and 1 DSP, they get 1 FP.
  • +100 Character gains 5 LSP and 6 DSP, they get 0 FP, and their alignment is now +98.
Characters that have harnessed the chaotic energies within their body, represented by having an alignment of -90 or below, do not gain any special benefit during the course of a sim. These characters, however, may receive special temptations from the Dark Side based on the actions they are taking.

Effects of Negative Alignment on Force Sensitive Characters
Force Sensitive characters who possess an alignment of -50 or less start to exhibit physical changes - see The Darkside tab for more information.

The dark side is dangerously seductive, and it is relatively easy to get within its clutches, but it takes great acts of evil to truly hone one's self into a servant of the dark side. Various mechanics exist that grant Dark Side Points through merely interacting with the dark side, such as Call on the dark side, artifact corruption, and automatic DSP for using dark side powers. All of these effects cease to grant Dark Side Points the moment a character reaches -70.

Grey Path
Force Sensitive characters that choose to walk a path of balance between either two extremes, preferring to hover around an alignment of 0, gain a smaller bonus to all Force powers not explicitly stated as Light or Dark above:
  • Characters that are between -25 and -16 or 16 and 25 alignment gain +1 to all neutral powers.
  • Characters that are between -15 and -6 or 6 and 15 alignment gain +2 to all neutral powers.
  • Characters that are between -5 and 5 alignment gain +1D to all neutral powers.

Non-Force Sensitives and Alignment
Even if a character is non-Force Sensitive, their alignment can have an effect on their interactions with the Force. These bonuses are treated as Light Bonuses and Corruption Bonuses, just like Force Sensitive characters.

Positive Alignments
Once a character has reached 50 Alignment they find themselves more in touch with their own internal balance, allowing them greater control of their minds and bodies. They receive a +1D bonus to their Willpower for resisting Force Effects.

At 70, they subconsciously open themselves up to the Light of the Force. All Force healing attempts on this character have their difficulty reduced by 5 for regaining HP. In addition, they possess greater control of their body and receive a +1D Light Bonus to stamina.

At 90, they are at peace with the Force, whether they are aware of it or not. These individuals receive a +2D Light Bonus to their Willpower for resisting Force Effects and a +2D Light Bonus to their Stamina for any resistance, as well as retaining the 5 DC reduction for healing.

At 100, Non-FS gain FP as a Force Sensitive would at the same alignment.

Negative Alignments
Once a character has reached -50 Alignment they find themselves prone to imbalance and corruption. Even though they can not use the Force, it exists within them as a chaotic storm, warping their surroundings. They receive a +2 Corruption Bonus to all kill damage.

At -70, they become hardened by the Dark Side. Any Force healing attempts on the character are made at a +5 difficulty, but they a +2D Corruption Bonus to their stamina.

At -90, they are scions of chaos, the storms within their souls becoming raging torrents of power. Any Force healing attempts on the character are made at +10 difficulty, but the corruption bonus to kill damage increases to +1D and the character also gains a natural resistance powers, receiving a +1D Corruption Bonus to resisting Force Effects.

At -100 a Non-FS character is able to utilize Call of the Darkside for their normal skills. Using CotDS in this way comes with the normal benefits and disadvantages, only they apply to Non-FS Skills and the character may not use Force Lightning. The +2D bonus still applies beyond -70 alignment. CotDS drains 5 (temporary) HP CAP from the character every time it is used, this is replenished at the end of every sim.

Neutral Alignments

Most Non-FS individuals tend to have an alignment that fluctuates slightly positive or slightly negative. Only true neutral paragons gain passive benefits from their alignment.
  • At -15 to -6 or 6 to 15, a character gains a +1D bonus to resist all Force Powers.
  • At -5 to 5 the bonus increases to +2D.

Light and Corruption Bonuses
Light and Corruption bonuses can be spread to places and areas either through natural effects or an imbue from a powerful individual. They are eternally locked in conflict, and interact with each other in various ways. When a character enters an area which has been imbued, various effects can occur as outlined below. If a character enters an area and their Light or Corruption bonus matches the Corruption or Light bonus of the area, the two sides are locked in conflict and no mechanical change occurs.

Light Side Effects
If a user's Light Side bonus is stronger than the bonus provided by a Corruption effect, a power utilized in an area with such an effect (Sith Temple, for example), will ignore any penalties associated with that Corruption, and will cancel the bonuses gained to those drawing on that Corruption Bonus. A high enough Light Bonus can counteract the effects of permanent Corruption if exposed long enough will return the area to its natural state, assuming that there are absolutely no sources of corruption remaining. If all sources of Corruption are eliminated, the area reverts by reducing the Corruption bonus by 1D for each week the Light sided presence remains.

For Instance, a powerful Dark Side character has created a Temple with a -70 alignment bonus of +2D to all Dark Side Powers. A +50 Alignment Jedi who enters the Temple would not cancel out the Corruption. However, a +90 Alignment Jedi who enters the temple would cancel out the bonus.

Corruption Effects
Through rituals, or repeated calling on the Dark Side in an area, a place can be corrupted much like a character. Any power or skill utilized with a Corruption Bonus has a chance to give whatever it affects DSP. Any power or skill successfully utilized against its target within one of these areas bestows a single dark side point with a DC WP Resistance roll equal the #D x10 in Corruption Bonus. This effect only happens once a round, meaning no more than a single DSP may be gained by Corruption Bonuses per round.

In addition, any area with a permanent Corruption Bonus will gain physical characteristics common with the Darkside (as with characters at 50 alignment) and will gain it's own alignment that steadily decreases. Any area exposed to Corruption long enough will grant both Active and Passive bonuses to all within it at the appropriate alignment associated with the terrain.

Neutral Effects
Purely force neutral areas can also be encountered, these can not be canceled by a Light Bonus as Corruption can. Furthermore, powers that act in a neutral area negate the first DSP (if any) gained from using them in such a way that would be considered dark.