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  1. Raine

    NOTICE Happy Easter 2019

    Wishing everyone a Joyous Easter. Be safe and warm wherever you are! This also means the Campaign will not be running this Easter Sunday. We will resume the following Sunday (April 24th) - so see you then!
  2. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    "I understand," Raine smiled at Ethan lightly. "Life has some very harsh lessons in store for us all, kid - it's only a matter of time before it catches up with us. The trick is, not to let us run our lives or worse yet, ruin our future." She wasn't about to jump on Echan's pity parade; Force...
  3. Raine

    NOTICE SW Jedi: Fallen Order

    This is looking good, boys and girls.... Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  4. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    Raine smirked. "This isn't a Rakata Stronghold. The food here is for our use. We can go into the kitchen and do whatever we want there - as long as the place is cleaned up properly when we leave. The cameras in the mess hall have picked up our every move anyway, so it doesn't matter which way we...
  5. Raine

    UPGRADES April 2019 Upgrades!

    UPGRADED CHARACTERS: Raine Andyr Kagan Ethan Xadao Tobu
  6. Raine

    ACS XADAO TOBU - Purchased Upgrades - March 2019

    Precognition to 4D (Enhance Combat goes up to 6D) ------------------------------- TOTAL COST: 4CP (deducted)
  7. Raine

    Comment by 'Raine' in media 'SUNTIO'AHIO'

    Article Source: Kumumgah


    This particular vision of Junie was inspired by Wookiepedia's article on the Kumumgah - the ancient ancestors of both the Jawa and the Tusken Raider peoples.
  9. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    Once they stepped inside a vacant turbolift, Raine emitted a visible sigh of relief. They had successfully avoided Jilly! Well, maybe. There were probably cameras mounted all over the kitchen in places they would not even be able to see - and the droids definitely knew they had been there? But...
  10. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    Clever boy. Ethan's simple yet selfless solution was precisely what Raine was hoping to hear. Given that the kid grew up hungry, cold and miserable (never mind the sheer amount of douchebags he had for 'company'), the Jedi expected him to act more greedy, perhaps... but that was not the case...
  11. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    The Jedi perused the findings with a skeptical gaze, for now. It seemed that... she had misjudged the boy. While he had not found the hallowed 'secret snack chamber', he did seem to amass quite a variety of edible goodies. A few of them looked appetizing, even to her - given Raine's sometimes...
  12. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    Standing at the threshold of the kitchen, seeing two server droids busily whirling about with dirty dishes, cups and trays, Raine grinned. Yep, just as she suspected. The kid used the robot noise for cover while he went around checking every nook and cranny to see what he could find. "Soooo...
  13. Raine

    PM TO JOIN Sharing Is Caring

    It was going to be a late lunch, but better late than never. Well, alright - so it was 11 PM - but who cares about time in space when everything around you is almost always dark? In space, it's always perpetual night. It causes people to develop strange sleep patterns. And it is a universally...
  14. Raine

    ACS RAINE ANDYR - Purchased Upgrades - March 2019

    March 30th, 2019 - Purchased Upgrades: Purchased Skill(s): Melee Weapons Repair to 5D @ Cost of 3 CP (deducted) Purchased Attribute(s): DEXTERITY to 4D+1 @ Cost of 20 CP (deducted) TOTAL CP DEDUCTED: 23
  15. Raine


    Kagan - sorry for the lateness of the response as I did not see your post until now - we usually run Training Sims around 3 PM Central (sometimes can start a bit earlier), up until around 6 PM or so. So definitely a possibility there - if you'd like to join us - the more, the merrier!
  16. Raine

    UPGRADES April 2019 Upgrades!

    These are set for April 29th (Monday). Please remember to PM the HGM with your 'junior' upgrades (up to 5D) and set an appointment if you have a busy Monday to meet with him at a time that best suits your needs.
  17. Raine


    Up to this point, we have been trying to run our Upgrade sims every last Saturday of the month. However, the HGM's schedule at RL work has changed since then - to 2nd shift - meaning, he is gone for the majority of Saturday (1 PM to 11 PM), and that is NOT likely to change in the forseseeable...
  18. Raine

    Mark Hamill Is....

    I have a feeling Mark Hamill's movie and television career is only starting - what with all these recent crazy offers to do everything! :ROFLMAO:(y):geek:
  19. Raine

    Mark Hamill Is....

    ...the New CHUCKY in CHILD’S PLAY! Read more about it, here...
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