1. Raine

    NOTICE New Chat Update!

    Our chat has received a major update - an entire version of one, in fact. We've gone from version 8.4 to 9.4 overnight, as there appeared to have been a few updates in between, except I received no e-mails or notifications about it. Oh, well - better late than never - right? In any event, the...
  2. Raine

    Chat Update!

    We are currently running the newest version of our chat software, and some bugs have been reported already - namely the fact that some people's online members list is showing up at the bottom of the chat window and the scroll bar is missing. To address these, I have put forth a ticket for the...
  3. Raine


    00. QUICK START Welcome to our chat! Here you can find some information that will help you become familiar with the features that our chat offers. Please keep in mind that depending on the settings set by the administrator of this chat the information below might not be 100% accurate. 01. CHAT...
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