1. Davin Kabak

    Davin Kabak

    Jedi Master Davin Kabak
  2. Serena Andyr-Elysar

    Serena Andyr-Elysar

    Jedi Knight Serena Elysar of Naboo.
  3. Raine


    Character Species: Baseline Human Gender: Female Age: 34 Height: 165.10 (5 ft. 5 in) Weight: 72.6 (160 lbs) Character Move: 10/12 Personal Quote: “Find strength in actions that only courage achieves.” Character Health Points: 20 Character Initiative: 8 Morality: 25 Renown: -1 Spent FP: N/A...
  4. Raine

    Baseline Human

    Homeworld: Numerous Systems Height: 1.5-2.2 meters Move: 10/12 Attribute Dice: 18D Character Trait Modifier: -4 ATTRIBUTEMINIMUMMAXIMUMDexterity2D4DStrength2D4DKnowledge2D4DPerception2D4DMechanical2D4DTechnical2D4D Special Abilities: Adaptive Learners: Humans comes from all corners of the...
  5. Raine


    Homeworld: Ruusan Height: 1.6 - 2.0 meters Move: 10/13 Attribute Dice: 18D+2 Character Trait Modifier: 0 ATTRIBUTE MINIMUM MAXIMUM Dexterity 2D 4D Strength 2D 4D+1 Knowledge 1D 4D Perception 1D 3D+2 Mechanical 1D 4D Technical...
  6. Raine


    Character Species: Baseline Human Gender: Male Age: 31 Height: 1.7m Weight: 74 kg Character Move: 10/12 Personal Quote: TBA Health Points: 50 Character Initiative: 13 Morality: +100 (+102) Renown: 8 Spent FP: 7 Appearance: Portrayed by James McAvoy ----------------------------- Character...
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