1. JediOfRealms

    NOTICE History Revealed | A Rade Pren Story

    Era: 19 BBY A Star Wars Tale Rade Pren was born in the outer rim, to a moisture farmer and his wife. A seamstress and small time hunter on a desert world that no longer exists thanks to the...
  2. Xadao Tobu

    Xadao Tobu

    Xadao Tobu, an Iridonian Jedi.
  3. Raine


    Homeworld: Iridonia Height: 1.8-2.3 meters Move: 11/15 Attribute Dice: 17D+1 Character Trait Modifier: +5 ATTRIBUTE MINIMUM MAXIMUM Dexterity 2D 4D Strength 2D 4D+1 Knowledge 1D 4D+2 Perception 2D 5D Mechanical 2D 4D Technical...
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