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Sep 4, 2016
Unknown Regions
Character Name:
Type: Alien Student of the Force
Physical Description:

Dexterity: 3D+2
Brawling, Dodge, Melee Combat, Running

Knowledge: 3D+2
Alien species, Cultures, Languages, Survival, Willpower

Mechanical: 2D
Space Transports, Communications

Perception: 3D+1
Bargain, Command, Investigation, Persuasion, Scholar: Jedi, Search, Sneak

Strength: 3D
Climb/Jump, Lifting, Stamina, Swimming

Technical: 2D+1
First Aid, Security

Special Abilities:
Control: 3D
Sense: 3D
Alter: 2D
You may select three Force powers.

Initiative: 4/19
Health: 3/18
Force Sensitive?: Yes
Force Points: 2
Light Side Points:
Dark Side Points:
Character Points:

Equipment: One statuette, amulet or other trinket of obscure mystical import, 250 credits

Background: In its long and peaceful history, your species has learned much about the universe and the nature of existence. You yourself have contributed but little to this knowledge, but you have meditated long and hard on reality, and especially on that quality that some call the Force. You have some small degree of what humans call Jedi powers.

Your species prefers its solitary existence, and has never seen reason to have commerce with the rest of the galaxy. But you have decided to leave your native planet. Perhaps you seek the true Jedi, hoping to learn more about the Force from them. Perhaps you are simply curious. Perhaps the Empire has committed atrocities on your planet.

Choose any of these motivations, or invent another, but clear your motivation with your gamemaster if you make up your own.

Note: You may choose whatever appearance you wish. Your species is rarely encountered in the galaxy, so your appearance is not commonly known or identified. However, strange-looking aliens are common enough that your appearance is rarely remarked upon.

Personality: Think of yourself as a mystic, one of a tradition different from that followed by the Jedi, but of a similar nature. Like Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi or the fully-trained Luke Skywalker, you are calm, a little humble, and treat every living being with respect.

Objectives: To further your knowledge of the Force and to find a great teacher to further enlighten you.

A Quote: I am a servant of the light and of the life which infuses it.

Connection With Characters: You might agree to accept a brash pilot or another character as a student. You might be eager to learn from a failed Jedi, minor Jedi or a young Jedi. You might have befriended a laconic scout, smuggler, or gambler in your travels.