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Sep 4, 2016
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If you do not wish to plan out your character in a text file or google doc, you may do so by starting a New Thread in the Character Applications sub-forum. When you do so, please use your character's full name as the topic title.

Then, copy and paste the content below and fill it out to the best of your ability - some content will require in-chat rolls (like your Health Points and your Initiative, as well as a Midichlorian count - if applicable):

Character Type: INITIATE or VETERAN
Character Species:
Age: (standard years)
Height: (metric units, please)
Weight: (metric units, please)
Character Move: (check your chosen species page for the numbers)
Personal Quote: (your character's favorite saying, motto, etc.)
Character Health Points: (minimum 10 HP for INITIATES & 20 HP for VETERAN; the value is determined by your STRENGTH roll; GM must be present to witness roll in chat)
Character Initiative: (determined by the PERCEPTION roll the dice for which you assigned at character creation; GM must be present to witness this roll in chat)
Morality: (any number between -30 and +30 to designate your character's moral 'leanings')
Renown: (most characters start with 0 unless they have accumulated a certain 'notoriety' throughout the Galaxy)
Spent FP: 0
Character Pic: (URL to a hosted image)
Character Bio: (write out your character's history - the more detail, the better)
Personality: (same as above)

Character Traits:
  • Character Trait Modifier: (see your chosen species for this)
  • List positive traits
  • List negative traits
  • Total of positive and negative (including character trait modifier), should be at 0, or a negative number


You MUST assign at least the chosen Species Minimum of Attribute Dice for each. After that, you may assign more of your Attribute Dice as you see fit, up to the Species Maximum.

INITIATE-level characters receive (typically) up to 18D (or 54 pips), for their 6 Regular Attribute dice. Furthermore, Initiate-level characters receive 24 regular skills to distribute among 6 attributes listed below. They also receive a bonus of 7D (21 pips) Skill Dice to upgrade Regular Skills with.

VETERAN-level Characters start off just like INITIATES, but after they assign their Species Attribute dice (as stated above), they also receive an additional 24D (72 pips) Attribute Dice for their 6 Regular Attributes to upgrade them further. They also start off with 35 Regular skills and receive additional 10D (30 pips) in skill dice to upgrade Regular and Advanced Skills. All Veteran characters get 1 FREE Advanced Skill at start up.

NOTE: There are a few limitations to how a Veteran character's stats may be distributed.

All Advanced-Placement [VETERAN] Characters must adhere to the following:
  • No Attribute may start with less than 2D, even if species minimum is lower.
  • No Attribute may start at more than +1D over the species maximum for that character.
  • No skill may start at more than +2D over the starting attribute level of the character.
  • Advanced Skills count as 2 Regular ones, for the purpose of choosing skills.
  • Advanced Skills cost double the Skill Dice as a normal skill, for the purpose of adding to it's starting level
  • Specializations count as 1/2 a Regular one, for the purpose of choosing skills.
  • Specializations go up by +2 Pips for every 1 Pip in Skill Dice spent to upgrade them.
Important Note Regarding Advanced Skills:
You may choose to take an Advanced Skill from the skill list, in lieu of 2 Regular Skills. Advanced Skills are quite powerful, and thus expensive to acquire, and they require that your character meet a certain level of proficiency before you can have that skill. You may only take an Advanced Skill at the time of character creation if your character will be able to meet ALL of the prerequisites listed in it's description. If any prerequisites are not met, you cannot take that Advanced Skill and will have to wait until you can learn it later.

DEX Skills:
Skill (+D , D)
├ (S) Skill: Specialization
ADV. [Advanced] Skill
STR Skills:

KNO Skills:

PERC Skills:

MECH Skills:

TECH Skills:

See any notes on these with respect to your chosen species, then copy/paste as applicable.
Special Abilities:
Story Factors:

Character Points: 5
Learning: (skill name)
Teacher: Choose a Teacher (must be another PC already with that skill on their Character Sheet)
Sims Left: --
Character Credits:
1000 cr for INITIATE sheet; 5000 cr for VETERAN sheet)
Force Sensitive?: Yes/No
Force Path: (Light, Dark, Neutral, etc.)
Force Rank:
Initiate - if making an INITIATE sheet; Padawan - if making a VETERAN sheet
Master (if applicable): (leave blank)
Character FP:
Force Sensitive characters receive 3 Fate Points upon character creation. Non-Force-Sensitive characters start out with 2 Fate Points.
Development Points: (finalized with the Game Master; leave blank for now)
Midichlorian Count: (finalized with the Game Master; leave blank for now)


INITIATE Force Sensitives:
  • Start at Initiate rank
  • Must allot between 1D and 3D of Skill Dice to each Force Attribute (7D in total)
  • Start with 1 Force Power

VETERAN Force Sensitives:
  • Start at Padawan rank
  • Receive 10D Force Attribute Dice (and must place 2D minimum in each)
  • Star with 10 Force Powers
  • Basic Lightsaber (4D damage)
IMPORTANT! All Force users may learn ONLY those Force Powers available at their rank or below. A complete listing of our Force powers currently in use can be found by clicking here.

Initiate Power (+D , D)
├ Padawan Power(+D , D)
└ Knight Power(+D , D)​
SENSE Powers:

ALTER Powers:

Feel free to jot down items from the equipment section of this post (scroll toward the bottom). All equipment is finalized with the Game Master in live chat, prior to the character sheet being approved.


If you have any questions during the process, feel free to ask any GM or veteran player in chat for assistance - though veteran players can only answer questions - they can not finalize elements on your character sheet that require a dice roll that must be witnessed by a GM.
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