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Dramatis Personae

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As all of you know, in the Main Campaign we just got a three hundred meter long present from the Queen. I have been working with Davin to fill out a roster of the ship's compliment. Mostly its gonna be NPC'S but PC'S can also fill in for specific roles. So, here is the list Davin and I have compiled of the different Senior Officers, Junior Officers and NCOs. If there's anything you have your eyes on, or something you think a specific NPC would be good for, go ahead and post and I'll update the list.

So, here it is.

Dramatis Personae:

Senior Officers

Admiral: Unnamed (N)PC (Davin perhaps?)

Ship Captain: Unnamed (N)PC

Ship Executive Officer: Unnamed (N)PC

Chief Engineer: Junie

Chief Medical Officer: Lana

Flight Director: Unnamed (N)PC

Junior Officers

Chief of Security/Tactical Officer: Uri Varde [NPC]

Operations Officer: Nils Dorstar

Engineer XO: Unnamed (N)PC

Medical XO: Callista

Flight XO: Unnamed (N)PC

Tactical XO: Unnamed (N)PC

CAG: Marius

Deputy CAG: Raine

Marine CO: Matthias

Marine XO: (N)PC

Ship Maintenance Chief: Unnamed (N)PC

Wing Maintenance Chief: Ingrid Terlor


Quartermaster: Barragh

Flight Deck Chief: Unnamed (N)PC

Galley Chief: Jilly

Gunnery Sergeant: R. Lee Ermey

Gunnery Corporal: Unnamed (N)PC

Chief Mechanic: Unnamed (N)PC

1st Platoon CO: Unnamed (N)PC

2nd Platoon CO: Unnamed (N)PC
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I now have 3 NPCs who have officially joined the Ship's crew.

Ingrid Terlor (From the taking of Skip 35 campaign): The 16-year-old daughter of a former exotic weapons dealer, who taught her about making and repairing weapons. She is a technical genius with a touch of an infatuation for Radiant Tide
Suggested Role: Some role related to repair and maintenance of weapons and/or vehicles.

Gladiolus Terrilius (From the Taking of Skip 35 campaign): A 22-year-old former swoop racer with prosthetic legs. He is a skilled and fearless pilot and excited about the prospect of flying something in space.
Suggested Role: Piloting

Nils Dorstar (From the Fistful of Credits campaign): A 34-year-old former Imperial officer who led a garrison on the planet Diant. Under his command, an Imperial fleet ended all significant pirate operations in the sector. Has a firm, but friendly command style.
Suggested Role: Ship Captain
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