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Rade Pren

Feb 28, 2019
Rhode Island
Era: 19 BBY

A Star Wars Tale
"Trust in your instincts" -Obi Wan Kenobi
Rade Pren was born in the outer rim, to a moisture farmer and his wife. A seamstress and small time hunter on a desert world that no longer exists thanks to the machination of the Chiss. A Zabrak who knows little of his culture, Rade does the best to adhere to the teachings of those in his life, and the memories of his parents.

The Chiss are a dominant, arrogant, vastly intelligent and ultimately cruel power driven race. It was one member of this race, a Noble Lord by the name Drakon Rulon. Lord Drakon came to the planet in order to test its wildlife in a hunt of sport. While seeing if there were any animal species of note he could add to his collection aboard his massive warship, “The Royal Pain”. While Drakon was here he stumbled upon Rade’s mother, Marikala Pren. And shot her down for interfering with his hunt.

Though wounded she was not out of the fight and fought back. Leaving a blaster wound across Lord Drakon’s cheek. A tracing shot, that barely missed but missed it did. Lord Drakon sent his war hounds, cybernetically augmented wolfs to take Marikala. Her screams echoed across the valley, scattered to the winds like a flock of birds.

Rade’s Father, as well as Rade were unaware of this fact. Rade was 7 years old and rather scrawny for his age. Despite working on the farm and helping with chores, behaving as a good son should, while respecting his parentage. His Father grew worried when his mother didn’t show up 3 hours after sundown. Sometimes his mother would stay out late, but she would always call on the commlink. So when Rade’s father called the commlink he was surprised when a deep man’s voice answered. The voice only said “Soon”.

Rade’s Father was preparing the landspeeder to go search for his mother, along with Rade helping. When a projectile, the likes Rade has never seen before. Struck his father in the side of his head, exiting with a hole 3x the size of it’s entrance on the other side. Rade had a tingling feeling along his spine and the back of his throat grew hoarse with fear, the moment before he saw his father’s head implode in itself. He had “known” somehow that something was coming before it did. As he dove under the landspeeder another shot hit the ground were he was standing. He would come to find out later, the weapon was something called a “slugthrower”. A device that fired metal projectiles with gas vented chambers, dealing death in a more primitive fashion then a blaster.

Rade felt shame at the sudden wetness of his trousers and remained hidden under the landspeeder. Until several black booted figures strolled across the campground. A tall Barabel with the slugthrower rifle strapped on his back, bent down and dragged Rade kicking and screaming out from under the landspeeder. Dangling him upside down to look at the tall and well built frame of Lord Drakon. Drakon grinned down at Rade and reached out to lightly stroke his face. Speaking in a dull, yet richly somber voice. “You’re mine boy. I’ll show the shackled world”.

Rade didn’t know what he meant then, nor what drove him to stop his hunt in order to find his mother’s family. But Lord Drakon never removed the scar on his cheek, despite having the medical technology available to him. Rade spent the next 8 years as a Slave aboard his warship, traveling with Lord Drakon as his personal valet and later pit fighter.

For Lord Drakon had seen early on that the boy had a fire and quiet strength in him that wouldn’t fail. Plus he got along with the other slaves, while managing to piss off most of the hired help and staff of the man’s Warship. Rade grew stronger as he did long days of heavy labor, and studied with the other slaves during the night.

He was taught basic computer skills and what minor repair work he could from a Rodian technician slave named Batra Renmu.

One of Lord Drakon’s human workers, taught him how to pilot a shuttle and let him have access to some areas of Lord Drakon’s personal library and datapad collection. So Rade could learn enough to satisfy Lord Drakon.

He was taught how to be a gentleman, speak to a woman, dancing and how to fist fight from a Twi-Lek dancer trained in martial arts. Her name was Svenlanna Trans. She had only 1 lekku, the other having been burned off by Lord Drakon when she was a child for refusing to “entertain” him privately. She was his personal concubine and dancer. But she took a liking to Rade during his 2nd year as a slave. During an encounter in which Rade was folding Lord Drakon’s laundry in his chambers, when he brought in Sven and wanted some “private” time with her. She didn’t seem happy so Rade came to her defense and punched Lord Drakon in the crotch. Rade got 5 days with the medical bot for that. The medical bot had a torture setting, in which Rade grew quite familiar with.

Rade spent time fighting in the arena against Lord Drakon’s slaves and other slaves. He won around 42% of his fights. But was never happy with this. He tried his best to avoid using weapons if he could. He disliked hurting and killing people, despite growing up in such a harsh environment. Despite being surrounded by fear, hatred and killing intent at every turn. Rade knew that if he lost himself to these feelings, he’d lose everything he was before Lord Drakon found him.

Rade had these feelings from time to time that made it so he knew something would happen a few moments, if not seconds before they did. This gave him an edge to survivor when he ordinarily would not. Like when another pit fighting slaved named Recoome tried to stab him in his sleep and Rade woke up and broke the man’s wrist. But Rade didn’t dwell on this. He just figured it was his Zabrak ability to survive in harsh conditions.

On Rade’s birthday, or at least the month he thought was his birthday, he was 17 and had filled out into a well muscled rugged youth. His horns were still small, and only the front 2 on his forehead were sharp, the others were just nubs. He had short bristly hair at this time, keeping it shaved short so as not to be grabbed in the arena. He was brought out to a special fight with Lord Drakon’s associate.

A Zeltron smuggler and mercenary who worked for the criminal organization known as the Black Sun. Her name was Mira “The Rose”. Even he had heard of her, down in the slave pits. She was known to employ a group of mercenaries who worked for the Black Sun called “Thorns”. Each one loyal to her unto their death. It seems she was here seeing if Lord Drakon had any promising slaves. So Lord Drakon sent forth a special tournament of his top 8 (Rade was number 8).

Lord Drakon told them that those who beat out the other slaves got a chance to fight Mira’s personal bodyguard, a Wookie named Grolo. For their chance at freedom. Unbeknownst to them, Drakon and Mira had made a bet. That if Grolo lost, he would become Lord Drakon’s personal bodyguard. But if he won, Mira would get the slave to do with what she wanted.

So after 4 rounds, the last of which Rade barely won. He was the slave who got to fight Grolo in the Arena. After a few hours in the medical bay bacta tank to recover. Rade was brought into the arena to face Grolo.

Grolo was 3 meters tall and over 250 kgs, with dark black and gray matted fur. Dressed in a blast vest, with silver and golden gauntlets. A large vibroaxe strapped across his back. Seeing as how Rade prefered to fight barehanded. Grolo wanted to humor his mistress Mira and fought only unarmed as well.

The fight seemed to be going back and forth for the first 5 minutes. But it became apparent to Rade, though he thinks he might of been the last to realize this, that Grolo was toying with him. Rade saw a brief nod from Mira, and Grolo grinned and began to really lay in to Rade. Rade was no match for the seasoned veteran brawler that was Grolo. Nor could he handle his full Wookie Strength.

In a manner of only 2 minutes, Rade was battered, bruised and barely awake. He felt the strange tingle along his spine and dryness in his throat. But unlike before when it warned him something was coming. This time it seemed to be giving him strength, albeit it barely. Just enough to keep on his feat. Rade didn’t want to lose, so he did the only thing he could think of. Dig into the pain and anger and force his thoughts to empty out. He learned from Sven that the first one to give into anger and show weakness lost the fight.

So Rade began to evade more of Grolo’s attacks. Using his smaller and more agile body to get around and behind Grolo. Grolo became more and more frustrated. As Rade was able to get a small attack in here and there, while avoiding most of Grolo’s major attacks. Then Grolo unleashed a small hidden throwing razor from one of his bracers and it cut into Rade’s shin, dropping him. Grolo was on him fast. Throwing punches, hammering them into Rade’s torso and body.

As Rade felt his left eye swell completely shut, he managed a lucky kick into Grolo’s groin. Doubling the Wookie over with a howl of pain. But the Wookie was quick to recover. Rade was quick on the assault. Launching a flurry of rapid fire jabs and thrusting punches into Grolo’s face. But on the 4th punch, Grolo reached up and grabbed Rade’s left wrist. Snapping it and breaking it cleanly. Rade let out a painful scream and Grolo glanced to the crowd of onlookers watching the fight.

Lord Drakon was smiling with keen delight while stroking Sven, sitting on his lap, high above the arena floor in his private booth. Sven looked on with unshed tears trapped behind her cold eyes. Mira on the other hand just sipped her wine with a passive expression on her face. Grolo looked on with a smile of pure hatred and vileness.

He picked up Rade by his shoulders and began to twist and turn his body by the shoulders while howling in Shyriwook, the language of his Wookie kind. As he twisted and turned Rad’es body, his bones in his shoulders and arms began to bend and break. Sprains and small breaks appeared here and there. Rade passed out for a minute before a wookie scream woke him up. His eyes blazed with tears and he had once again urinated his pants. But this time it was out of pain and shock to the body, not fear. Rade was not afraid. For one way or the other he would have his freedom. Death, or victory.

So with both of arms shattered and useless he exhaled softly and tried to calm his mind as best he could. Grolo confused, but the somewhat passive and peaceful look on Rade’s face. Leaned in close to lock eyes with Rade. And that was when Rade struck. Slamming his head into Grolo’s face to perform a headbutt. Grolo was caught by a surprise and started to shrink his head back, but not fast enough. One of Rade’s frontal forehead horns caught Grolo in the left eye, piercing the cornea. Grolo howled and dropped Rade. Screaming pain and anger. Rade lay on the ground groaning in pain. Tears welling up and making it hard to see out of his non swollen eye.

Grolo enraged, did the one thing that went against his kind. He unleashed his climbing claws an attacked Rade. Tearing his torso and legs to ribbons within minutes. This was known throughout Wookie culture, as “becoming a madclaw”. Madclaws are those who give in to their rage and use their claws to kill, instead of climb. Like a mark of honor in Wookie Culture. Rade would find this out later.

Rade didn’t see what happened next, for he passed out. But apparently Mira, feeling like Grolo violated the rules she set before the fight. Which was don’t kill the slave, no matter what. Pulled out her heavy blaster pistol and put 3 rounds into Grolo’s back. Which didn’t kill him. But dropped him to the ground and calmed him down enough to be able to be talked to. Rade meanwhile was dying on the ground.

Lord Drakon was impressed by the fight and so was Mira, the Zeltron Mercenary Leader. So while both fighters were taken to the Medical Bay to be worked on. Rade to be put into a Bacta Tank and Grolo to be tended to by a medical droid. His eye couldn’t be saved. Grolo declined the use of a cyber eye, for it went against his Wookie Culture. Instead Grolo spent time staring with hatred at Rade in the Bacta Tank. Blaming the young Zabrak for losing control. Grolo knew he had become a Madclaw and there was no going back, not for him.

Mira, having spent many years with Grolo as her number 2, was also aware that Grolo would be useless to her. He would be simply focused on killing Rade, nothing else. So while she and Lord Drakon called it a draw. She offered him a trade and he took it. Having never acquired a Wookie before and growing rather bored of Rade. So Mira received ownership of Rade Pren.

Rade spent a week recovering on Lord Drakon’s Warship. Before he left on Mira’s Freighter to go serve her. Not as her bodyguard, for she had another Wookie back with the rest of her “Thorns”. But she told him he now belonged to the Black Sun, furthermore he belonged to her. And will give his life to do whatever she said. Grolo stayed behind with Lord Drakon, while secretly plotting how he would escape and hunt Rade down. Rade just nodded his head to Mira. Following as a quiet loyal slave, until he could find a chance to escape.

He didn’t get his chance for another 2 months. Spending most of his time on a Space Station, doing odd jobs for Mira. Mostly polishing armor and cleaning and repairing the other Mercenaries blasters. But he was given tasks to run errands for Mira. Deposit cred sticks in locations, deliver dead drops. Shake down creditors and gamblers.

It was during one of these shake downs with a part time drunken pilot Duros named Strunk-Back. That he was offered a chance to escaped. Strunk-Back was leaving to carry some cargo to a nearby planet and would have the credits then. So Rade told him the debt would be considered repaid if he took him aboard his transport shuttle now. So Strunk-Back wrote up a ticket for Rade and Rade left right then. With only 50 credits and the clothes on his back. He was able to escape, but he didn’t know how long Mira’s reach was.

A rather calm and collected man, Rade prefers to react to any an all situations with a calm sense of being, rather than give in to his emotions. It’s how he was taught by the Twi-Lek Dancer Sven. He is not that bright, having not spent much time studying, or going to school. But he was able to get by with some basic mechanical skills. Broad minded with a kindness that belays his surroundings. Sturdy and adaptable would be the traits that best describe Rade Pren.

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