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Stab. Eat. Repeat.
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May 3, 2017
The independent planet of Nineka is an anomaly. It is the only inhabited world in its sector, deep within the Unknown Regions. Its diameter is almost 13,000 km, but it has only one inhabited city of nearly 500 square kilometers. In the city, twisting spires of silver raise into the sky like daggers, housing the planet’s population of more than 15 million people.

But despite its remoteness and one city, the planet of Nineka is fabulously wealthy, having made a reputation of fabricating luxury goods. On the west side of the city is a large complex of factories. To the east side is a large, walled off castle, home of the Royal Family of Nineka, whose lineage reaches back hundreds of generations. The bottom first two levels of the city are lined with shops, with homes for the wealthy populace extending above into the towers.

The group landed on Nineka with the intent to use the money that Ingrid and Gladiolus had gotten from the slave auction to buy speeder. They found that a curfew had been set and was scheduled to occur in five hours. The group found that the planet was filled with luxury shops, with many items well beyond the price range of the characters. As the group looked, they found that goods were far more expensive than they needed to be. They were getting ready to head back to the ship when they found that curfew had been called early and the spaceport had shut down even earlier.

Stranded with no way off planet, the group finds large crowds outside of the nearest hotel. Callista used the Force to force the crowd to let them through, and Matthias bought the last key for the hotel while the group tried to figure out what was going on. Once inside, large metal doors blocked the doors from the streets, and the elevator man only smiled and said that the royal family knew best when asked about the curfew change.

The group crammed nine people into a two-bed room and tried to figure out what was going on when they heard a knock on the door. They found a boy named Pico, who was previously seen by Marius. Matt pulled Pico in and searched him, finding he was clear. Pico nervously asked if one of the members of the group was a Highborn, because he thinks his dad is dead and that it’s related to what’s going on with the Royal Family.

Pico revealed that he hadn't seen his father in two weeks, and that his father worked in the factory outside of town. Pico led the group to the sewer, where they found that the path to his house was now blocked by an armed surveillance droid and a set of motion detectors. The group disabled the droid and Ingrid stayed up to read over the code, which she revealed at breakfast the next morning to be very over-engineered. She stated that the droid was programmed to patrol the sewers and kill anything larger than six inches tall, starting three hours from the time they were eating. The coding also looped back onto itself and created redundancies to limit tampering and allow itself to turn back on if it was still connected to its power source.

The group would get the final pieces of information from Linneri and head toward the factory. They found a 50-60 foot duracrete wall, with a large tower behind it. The group left Runk and Ingrid behind, predominately so Runk could keep an eye on things, with the plan being for Gladiolus to drive Pico back when the group was ready to get in. The group began to look at the neighboring towers to try to find a way in and scope out the factory from above.

The group went to an observation tower, seeing a large tower, with three factories coming off at angles. They saw that the factories were covered in anti-air turrets for protection. The group saw a sewer entrance nearby and left the tower. Leaving Gladiolus to take Pico back to his mother, the group infiltrated the sewer to make their way towards the factory.
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