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All our live action Role-Playing events take place in our very own chatroom: SWO RPG CHAT, courtesy of one of our members, Matthias Jayne (Ray). You do not need a web cam or a mic to attend these; our actions are typed out and not spoken.

As Sims (or RP events) are scheduled a week or so in advance, they will all be posted on our Events calendar (link at the top of the page). All sim events are scheduled in CST (or GMT -6), unless otherwise posted. There are generally 3 types of live RP that take place in SWO. All are In Character and so that it is asked that members keep OOC chatter to a minimum in RP rooms. Out of Character interaction should all be conducted in the main 'lobby' (SWO Lobby).

Now here is a brief breakdown of the four types of sim events we currently offer:

1. Regular Sims - In Character role-play. These take anywhere from 3-4 hours and up, in length. Regular Sims are the most 'involved' form or RP in SWO, as they feature fully fleshed out, complex and exciting adventures for players to participate in. Regular sims also earn you the most points, in terms of rewards. They can be ran by anyone with a rank of Game Master and up. Minimum number of players required to ran a Regular sim is 3 PCs and 1 GM.

2. Training Sims - In Character role-play. For those who are new to SWO and especially new to our system of play, these events are a great way to get your feet wet and learn how to implement the dice system into your character interaction with other players and NPCs. They are usually 2-3 hrs long, but count as a full-length Regular sim. There is no minimum requirement to run a Training Sim. As long as there is one willing participant, the GM will still run it for his or her benefit.

3. Character Sims - In Character role-play. These events are almost always based SOLELY on character interaction. Dice rolling is minimal or non-existent. Minimum number of players required to run a Character sim is 3 PCs. No GM is usually required although one can be available upon request. Minimum requirement for a Character sim to count for rewards, is 1 hour of active, dedicated role-playing.

4. Upgrade Sims - Out Of Character interaction. After a player has accumulated a sufficient number of character points, he or she may wish to upgrade the stats on their character(s). This is done in special Upgrade Sims, facilitated by the High Game Master or the Senior Game Master. During Upgrade Sims, characters may also identify loot from various campaigns, trade/sell/craft items and change Traits.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding any of the above or would like to offer more feedback, please contact us in the Suggestion Box forum.
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Currently, we hold between 2-3 events per week. The schedule is never written in stone because we all have Real Life obligations which come first - always - but here is a rough idea of how we run things nowadays:





2 to 6 PM​

Campaign Sim


2 to 5 PM​

Training Sim*


6 to 9 PM​

Regular Sim


Noon to 6 PM​

Upgrade Sim**


Drop In Chat & Ask (Lobby)​

Character Sim***

* In the event that there are not enough people around on a Friday afternoon, a Training Sim may also be ran on Saturday (same time).

** The SGM & HGM will make every effort to be available throughout the day. Should you need to make alternate arrangements for an upgrade because of RL scheduling, please PM Raine or Davin.

*** Character sims can be ran anytime there is nothing else scheduled. All that is required is a minimum of 3 players interacting in character for a minimum of 1 hour. Please PM a Staff Member with a list of attendees after the conclusion of a character sim. Regardless of length, a character sim may only earn a player 2 CP max. Charsims may also include equipment transfers from one player to another. Please let the GM know in the PM, what was transferred - in all applicable detail - so that the GM may update inventories of the players involved.

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See the timetable above for times associated with each event below. This list is subject to change as events end, so please check back often for updates/details.
  1. The Chrysalis - Main Campaign, facilitated by the HGM Davin Kabak (Sundays)
  2. Inimicitias - Auxiliary Campaign, facilitated by the GM Runk (every other Thursday)
  3. Stranded - (Alternate Timeline) Adventure facilitated by the SGM (Raine) (every other Thursday)
  4. The Funhouse - Auxiliary Campaign, facilitated by (SGM Raine)
  5. Training Sim(s) - facilitated by the aGM (Lana Star) (Fridays)

  1. Penumbra Over Telsintown (Raine)
  2. Tatooine Inquest (Raine)
  3. Hoth Misadventures (Raine | Xadao)
  4. Under a Black Sun (Raine)
  5. Elbow Grease (Davin)
  6. Prison Break (Alonzo)
  7. The Heart of the World (Alonzo)
  8. The Taking of Skip 35 (Alonzo)
  9. A Fistful of Credits (Alonzo)
  10. Terentatek Adventure (Xadao)
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