PRIVATE Memories... (Kagan & Lana)


Feb 26, 2018
...Camera shows a wide view of the exterior of the warship Orion, still grounded on the respective island. View then begins to zoom in on the ship: some minor activity can be seen on the beach, from patrols to various training exercises. Right before the zoom in reaches the ship's hull, the view then cuts to the ship's interior. A number of personnel can be seen going through the corridors, mostly involved with repair work. View then cuts to Kagan gradually making his way to Medlab....

...Kagan was exhausted: both from his recent training in acrobatics, & assisting in ship repairs. He was pleased at how things were proceeding on bringing the ship back up to spec, & thankful he had had one of the two Starship Command tours of duty before he had gone on Merc duty since he had learned how to do starship maintenance. He had finished up in good stead, & had grabbed some more chow at Jilly's. Rade had been turning out to be a quick study for kitchen duty, & Kagan felt it wouldn't be long before he could turn field rations into something actually edible!
...As he approached Medlab, Kagan was more than a bit uneasy. In truth, he was more than a bit anxious! Since his near-death during one of the groups earlier missions against the Rakatta, he had been finding himself confused by strange memories: they were not dreams, but memories that clearly were not his own...Lana's perhaps?! It was becoming a bit of a distraction--especially after they had dealt with the rabble in the alehouse recently, as well as Lana's own near-death--& he needed to resolve it. He also wondered if she was having similar things happen.
...Stepping up to the door, he took a deep breath & paused a moment to gather his thoughts: this was an awkward thing to say the least! He hoped he could get 'Doctor/Patient' confidentiality regarding what they might discuss....he hoped anyway. His focus restored, he entered Medlab & he soon spotted her.

..."Good evening Doctor! I was hoping to discuss something with you that's been on my mind for a while now. Are you available at the moment?"

....He was never good with greetings, even back home, & even more awkward with ladies.

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