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The docking bay on the Orion. Heading off to Albion for a possible adventure....

Phoenix Star

Oct 31, 2019
Flying around the galaxy
After a rather semi-eventful time on the Orion's Cantina. Nix decided to head to her transport Firebird. She decided she had enough time being cooped up on the Orion. No one had said Nix had to stay here either.

And Nix still had that Corellian wanderlust in her veins. She had to get out and explore her surroundings. She had filed a flight plan, just for Mattias' benefit because she knew if she didn't the old fart would probably blow a gasket. He really did act like an old man at times. Stodgy, stuffy and all rules and regulations. It baffled her how in the galaxy could he even hail from Corellia when he didn't act like a Corellian.

She proceeded to walk around her ship making sure the ship was good for a trip. Seeing no physical damage to her ship she proceeded to go inside the transport and go through pre-flight checks.

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