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IDEA! Name that Crew!


May 2, 2017
It has begun to occur to me the more I try to write lately, that we don't have a really good way to describe our group. As I work on expanding the groups lore with more factions, I realize that there is a fatal flaw in all of it.

I don't know how to describe US.

We currently run around with the Highborne, and the Vaagari pirates, and the Rakata's Infinate Empire. The Leonan Centurions. Even the Albion Militia has their own name. But what do we call ourselves? Fact is, we are a faction unto ourselves. And currently, the best way I can describe our group is "The crew of the Orion". But that doesn't really facilitate good communication practices with other factions. Even the Jedi Order was an Order and not just "I'm a member of the Jedi."

So I'd like to get ideas here. What does the collective group think? Should we even have a name? If yes, what do you think it should be. If there are enough submissions, maybe we can put up a poll and vote on what it should be.
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