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NOTICE New Chat Update!


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Our chat has received a major update - an entire version of one, in fact. We've gone from version 8.4 to 9.4 overnight, as there appeared to have been a few updates in between, except I received no e-mails or notifications about it. Oh, well - better late than never - right? In any event, the software has now been updated and is once again, ready for use.​

With that, I want to point out that the 'stickers' functionality is once again 'broken', but at least now we know the culprit: Davin's GM/dice scripts. So please, do not PM me about it - it is nothing that can be fixed any time soon. Davin will have to try a complete re-write of his GM/dice script and include it in the newest file that also seems to govern the stickers and emojis. (The latter work just fine, btw.)​

Everything else (to my knowledge at least), seems to work just fine - although I would ask you all to steer clear of using browsers outside of the 3 mainstream ones, as the software is NOT optimized to work for the more obscure ones (like my Vivaldi, which I was forced to abandon for this version, sadly). Your best bet is to use Edge, Firefox or Chrome - otherwise you will suffer 'css errors' throughout attempting to use it.​

I think that just about sums it up - enjoy the new version of the chat!​

2018-Jul-30: Chat Improvements:
  • New GDPR templates and a dedicated page under ACP - Settings
  • No thumbnails for YouTube videos in chat
  • Posted images do not open a new tab
  • New image/video/audio/map boxes in chat
  • Guest and registered users in different groups
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