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May 5, 2017
Junie makes her way up to the medical wing of the Orion, a datapad in front of her as she navigates mostly out of sheer habit at this point. Or maybe it was the force guiding her from place to place. If so, it certainly had a sense of humor, often she would just about nearly miss people walking her direction, or run into them.

Regardless, no matter how many bumps or jostles she seems to always find where she wants to go. But today, she wasn't exactly thrilled about going where she was going. Wanting isn't exactly what you feel visiting someone in the hospital.

Thankfully, she already got her masters permission to start visiting er directly, unfortunately, she was quite sure Raine wouldn't like the way she was able to. but hopefully, The Jawa would be forgiven. Or at least understood.

Either way, after about a good three minutes of staring at the door to Raines room, she finally opened it. It was a stark, and rather clean place. but otherwise, it wasn't unpleasant. in the center was a single bed and Raine napping peacefully. Not being sure she could wake the jedi, she walked as quietly as she could to the chair next to the bed. She opened her satchel and put a small bag of sweets on the tray next to Raines bed and took a seat. SAtisfying herself with reading as she waited for the woman to wake.

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