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Picking up the Pieces

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Cal Jeth

The Lion King
Dec 13, 2017
Michigan, USA
Cal considered everything he'd just been told. He'd been given some insight into Matthias' and Raine's psyches, by being given a bit of their histories, and having had their own joining of this crew, this ship, this family. It almost seemed to Cal that the Force was drawing all these people together...bringing them from different corners of the galaxy, assembling them here, in the Unknown Regions...it was as though the Force itself was keeping all of them alive in spite of the attempts of the servants of the dark side, who'd managed to not only seize power in the Known Regions, but had also almost completely obliterated the Jedi Order.

Glad that Raine and Matthias had opened up to him somewhat, making him feel a little more at ease, despite his very recent arrival here on the Orion, Cal stood and stretched his back. "Well, we don't have anything pressing at the moment, and you've both offered to give me a tour of the ship. What do you say we do that now? We can end up at the mess hall; it'll be time to eat soon. A nice jaunt through the ship will eat up that time very nicely."
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